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Dear Friend,

Years ago I took stock in my development, and it wasn't a pretty sight!

This was shocking considering that I had been a fitness fanatic most of my life!

As a top operator in a paramilitary organization, I needed to be as FUNCTIONALLY FIT as humanly possible.  Like MILLIONS of others, I was duped into doing many years of training in "modern hi tech" methods.

End result   -->  I SUCKED!

I was tight and muscle-bound just like I was assured WOULDN'T happen.  I lacked endurance and seemed like my muscles wanted to work against each other making me slower and on the trail to getting fatter!  Sometimes I felt as if I were a prisoner of my own body!  Injuries were all over my body, not an inch of me didn't hurt at some time or other!  I was doomed! DOOMED!

How could this be!!?  I read all the Weider material as well as anything else I could get my hands on dealing with athletic training.  I followed the instructions to the letter, I should've been awesome!

Maybe I was just too old and needed to get a desk job somewhere.

But theoretically, in my mid 30s, I should've been in my prime!  After all, weren't Spartan and Roman warriors frontline soldiers in their 50s, 60s, and beyond?

I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I kept my heart and mind open looking for options.  Didn't my old high school coach always tell us "If what you're doing doesn't work, change it." Maybe that old-timer had a point!

The first clues to my salvation came while following the misadventures of Matt Furey (via weekly e mails), who was experiencing similar difficulties even though he was a lifetime fitness freak.  I felt a certain kindred spirit with this crazy dude and kept a close eye on his developments.

He had hooked up with an old time catch wrestler who educated him that his lifetime of training was all wrong!  Gotch believed that bodyweight exercises, such as those done by animals in the wild, are the way to go. CRAZY!

Furey was leaking out information WAY too slow for me, and it seemed that Gotch's training methods sounded very much like those from the old Charles Atlas course.  I had taken that course as a teen and experienced amazing results.

Unfortunately, the deeper I delved into sports and recreational activities, the more I was told that ideas such as those were dated, I needed modern training methods for best results!  How young and dumb I was!

Fortunately, I never fully discontinued what I'd learned from the Atlas course, which probably saved my bacon as far as my career goes!

So I dusted off the old Atlas course and re-took it.  Exercise by exercise, lesson by lesson.

WOW! I can't even begin to describe the difference!!  Great results, but I believed that I could do even better.

I researched the methods of the great legends of physical culture of that era (as well as the Gotch material released by Furey): Bonomo, Leiderman, Burns, Jowett, Appolon, Zaas and others.  I continued to grow and develop, perfecting this type of training.

Soon Jack Savage was no more the lumbering ox, but more akin to a jungle cat, sleek with flashing strength and power!!  I stood before the world "PERFECTLY DEVELOPED" like Atlas!!

The CLASSICAL CONDITIONING courses you see on this site are the sum total of these many years of research and field experience.  These courses are second to none for developing FUNCTIONAL FITNESS!  These courses ARE the ULTIMATE for simplicity and practicality!

Just like me and just like THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of others thru the years YOU TOO can experience the life changing transformation that is CLASSICAL CONDITIONING!

Order now!  Don't waste even another precious day of your life!  Let JACK SAVAGE make you a CHAMPION!

Yours in strength and fitness,

Jack Savage

Proof Positive that Classical Conditioning Methods bring RESULTS!! Check out these testimonials from students of classical physical culture training routines!!

" I added 7 inches to my chest, 3 1/2 inches to each arm, No Pal, you don't have to be a chicken-chested skinny weakling like I was only a few weeks ago. "
--John Sill

" I now have 18 inch arms a 52 inch chest, my strength has greatly improved. So have my sports."
--William Butler

"I gained 25 pounds of handsome power packed muscles."
--Jim Norman

" Following Classical conditioning programs I went from 12 inch arms to 18, 33 inch chest to 50, and 133 pounds to 215. Let me repeat that: I gained 6" on my arms, 17" on my chest, and 82 pounds of solid muscle!  You may be able to do even better! "
--Jack Savage

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