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Nature Boy Nutritional System

LOSE or GAIN weight at will by simply following the eating plan that NATURE always intended man to follow!
Stay at your ideal weight but with a tremendous ENERGY BOOST!

Now you can throw out all your useless diet books and never listen to another silly infomercial!!


Finally achieve your ideal body weight, have tremendous energy, and become as healthy as possible by following nature's laws of eating!

If you want to Lose Weight nothing will work better or more safely than the Nature Boy Diet!!  Amazingly, this can be done without EVER having to go hungry!! Note: there is an advanced level (which most will never want or need to do) that involves a form of portion control which may cause slight hunger.

If you want to GAIN Weight and put on the pounds in all the right places!  Simple proven strategies that WORK!

If you are happy with your weight you will have more ENERGY than you know what to do with AND your muscle to fat ratio will vastly improve without any big change in your "scale" weight!  Simple instructions are included.

The comprehensive Nature Boy Diet contains ALL of the following courses:

The Savage HiEnergy Diet: Have the energy of a human dynamo!  Follow this simple and easy eating plan if you are pretty happy with your current weight-but perhaps wish to "firm up" a bit.

The SavageFat loss diet: Simple secrets to keep the muscle and lose the fat without starving!  See the special section on this hard hitting plan!


WITHOUT starvation
WITHOUT cutting out your favorite healthful foods
WITHOUT doing crazy fad dieting!!
WITHOUT ordering my RADICAL WEIGHT LOSS program even!

Crazy as it might sound read on and I will give away the secret for free!

Last year I decided to try my luck in a major strongman competition.  Checking my weight 2 weeks before the contest I discovered I was at 215 (bad news when you want to make the 200 or below weight class)!!

Not a problem!

I knew I would easily drop that much weight OR MUCH MORE in 2 weeks because I have become an absolute master of manipulating my body weight!  AND I would do this WHILE continuing to get stronger and in better overall condition!!

No stupid starving, cutting out healthful foods that I love, or the SCORES of other idiot ideas that pass for diets these days.

I watched a special report on the news the other day where many of the popular "diet gurus" and their programs were highlighted.  I SAT IN SHOCKED DISBELIEF!

BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars pumped into the diet industry every year and that is the best they could come up with?

The physical culturists of generations past knew how to precisely control their body weight, but such knowledge has somehow become a LOST ART!

Back to the strongman competition.  What did I weigh in at?

195- easy , no sweat.

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I went a little overboard because I was unsure of the accuracy of the scales I had access to.  Otherwise, I'd come in right on the money at 200.

AS PLANNED, I felt great and set many personal records in events that day!

As a matter of fact, in 30 years of competing in competitions where I have to be a certain weight, I have NEVER not made my desired weight class- often coming in right to the quarter pound!

How is this possible?  Here is the secret I promised you:

In order to master WEIGHT LOSS, you must also master the science of WEIGHT GAIN!

They are like twin brothers of separate mothers.  You can't have one with out the other.

It is incredibly simple really. By knowing how to gain solid muscle mass it is almost a no brainier to make slight modifications for FAT LOSS!!

That is why my weight loss program is offered ONLY with my weight gain program.  You must know both, they are interrelated.

The classical physical culturists knew this, and their knowledge base has actually been built upon- made even better by- modern sports scientists.  IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!

I, Jack Savage, will reveal these priceless secrets to you:

  • Classical diet: gain health, get to your proper body weight
  • What popular foods should be cut back (NOT entirely out) for maximum health AND weight loss
  • Lose fat WITHOUT EVER going hungry!!
  • How to monitor how your energy levels to personalize your diet
  • What type of meats to eat
  • What time of the night to stop eating
  • Ugly fat will disappear like magic, soon you wont recognize yourself in the mirror!
  • When to stop eating at a meal
  • When GAINING weight will help you to lose weight more rapidly
  • Simple math formula reveals why most diet gurus have it all wrong
  • Gain and tone muscle as you lose fat!!
  • How to eat the same amount and exact foods and still lose weight each day
  • How much weight to lose each week
  • Secret third world method to lose fat like crazy!
  • What type of work out programs go best with weight loss diets
  • Get the "Greek god or goddess" look you know you have always deserved!
  • Weight gain secrets modified slightly for MASSIVE weight loss
  • Why heavily muscled athletes are seldom fat

If all other plans have failed (and they probably have) THIS is the SCIENCE based program PROVEN to work in the real world!

The SavageMass Diet

Gain solid muscle weight the RIGHT way!



As a really skinny weak kid growing up I was forced to master the sciences of muscular growth and lean muscle mass increase in order to take my rightful place in the world.

Never very big, athletic, or particularly gifted I did have one redeeming feature- a clever brain that could solve seemingly impossible problems.

Putting my mind to the problem of unlocking the secrets to great muscular growth I searched the world and history itself for the solution.

Many methods were researched, experimented with, and discarded.

Only the very BEST OF THE BEST methods remained and were improved upon.

Soon the skinny kid went from 12 inch arms to 18, 33 inch chest to 50, and 133 pounds to 215.  Now the world would know JACK SAVAGE!  Let me repeat that:  I gained 6" on my arms, 17" on my chest, and 82 pounds of solid muscle!  You may be able to do even better!

These priceless secrets I now offer to you.

Not one, not two, or even 3 solid weight gain programs.  But an unbelievable FOUR!!! The four greatest muscle weight gain programs in history are further developed and improved upon to form the greatest weight gain course of all time!!

Get all this:

  • Diet secrets of classical physical culturists for maximum health
  • Tthe role of physical training in gaining muscular body weight
  • How to evaluate your weight gain: is it fat or muscle?
  • How to modify your program for maximum muscle gain if too much fat becomes a problem
  • Methods of the classical trainers to reach your ideal weight
  • Natures' true super food and how much to ingest
  • Nature's anabolic for massive gains
  • Why defatted (skim, light, etc) foods will derail your progress
  • What to do if progress stops or slows down
  • Why a popular food will slow down muscle growth
  • How to increase your energy by a simple diet change by 30% to 50%
  • How simple peasants created an innovative method for lean muscle mass gains which shocked highly educated sports scientists!
  • Evil iron curtain sports scientists reveal highly secret growth method
  • How often to use shock growth methods
  • Why staying with one weight gain method for too long will doom your attempts at further weight gain
  • Tricking your body into new muscle growth
  • Insane mass producing method of psycho physical culturists revealed!  It is extreme, but nothing else comes close!
  • How much weight you can expect to gain weekly and monthly


I might be crazy for giving away such valuable secrets so cheaply, but I'm tired of seeing so many people wasting valuable time and money on methods which are at best second rate!

Order now before I yank this clear off the market!

Free gifts IF you order now!

  • Food selection chart. Valuable guidelines of just what to eat for maximum health and weight gain.
  • Body fat percentage formula.  Far more accurate than stupid "caliper" type measuring methods.
  • Savage Fat loss program:  A course in itself! This should probably be offered as a totally separate course.  But I believe my students should be TOTAL masters of their bodyweight!  Slight modifications of weight gain programs will BLOW TORCH the excess fat off your body when wanted!  Order this now before I come to my senses and offer this as a separate package- with the extra cost to boot!

I printed a limited number of these free gifts – once they are gone the offer is over! Order today!


IF you act now:
I will include as a special free gift the Savage ACTION PLAN for MAX fat loss in MINIMUM time!!  Do it the way the SAVAGE CHAMPIONS do!

Don't fall victim to the BILLION dollar diet industries MILKING the trusting public with diet plans that DON'T WORK!!

Hello Fitness Pard,

Sick and tired of trying DIET AFTER DIET PLAN, only to lose a few pounds but then to eventually wind up even FATTER THAN BEFORE????? The sad fact is that the MULTI-BILLION a year diet industry DEPENDS on that very thing happening so that they can sell even more books and products!!!!  Think about it.  If everyone were to buy just one book-and that be the end of it-there would be a lot of people out of a job!!  An industry BUILT around failure from the ground up!


The fact is, fat loss is a simple thing IF you follow nature's laws and eat the things that man was designed to eat.  Nature intended man to eat a diet that would allow him to be strong, powerful, healthy, energetic, and LEAN but modern living and the propaganda campaigns of the diet industry have clouded what those things are!!

Never fear, you will now SEE THE LIGHT as Fitness and Self Defense expert Jack Savage himself reveals an eating plan that will change your body into the dynamo it was intended to be!!!


Ready to get into tip top shape? Well here ya go! My CAN'T FAIL Diet secrets!

It doesn't matter if you have 3 weeks or 3 months to get in the best condition possible- this plan is for you!!

You see it all the time on the infomercials, diet books and fads etc:

Some idiot trainer telling everyone to magically go from a typical couch potato and follower of the famous American seefood diet- to a lean mean fightin machine that eats and works out right OVERNIGHT!!.

A BIG mistake!!  A great big HUGE freakin' mistake!!

That is NOT the way champion athletes do it, and it is definitely NOT a way that will generate much success.  As a matter of fact, this approach is almost certainly DOOMED to failure!!

Think about how stupid this advice is:  if you were to take up boxing would it be smart to fight the champ first?  Or should you build up to it over time?  If you wanted to run a marathon would you go out and immediately start running 20 plus miles at a clip?  Or would you have a progressive strategy to gradually bring you up to that point?

A far SMARTER strategy for fat loss is to approach your goal like a champion athlete would: in progressive stages where momentum is built up over time.

The best way is the proven SAVAGE way:

Fat loss via metabolic momentum


The Savage Action Plan to Drop the fat, keep the muscle, in a planned, progressive, and scientific way.

I've been doing a LOT of research lately on diets as they relate to max muscle size and fat loss.  Some of the materials I've read are great, some good, some not so good, and some just plain SUCH- big time!!!

When you become one of my beloved fitness/self defense pards -I aim to map out a comprehensive strategy to take you from where you are now, to a far higher level of fightin' trim leanness than you ever thought possible,  in progressive stages!!

FINALLY- a PRACTICAL planned approach to scientific fat loss!!!

A partial listing of what you will learn and master with the Savage Fat Loss ACTION PLAN:

  • The importance of goal setting
  • What to include in your goal to insure success
  • How to break your goal down into progressive stages
  • Marvel as pound after pound of ugly unwanted fat drops as if by magic!!
  • The diet secrets of a former pro wrestler that have never been surpassed!!
  • Why this diet works
  • The only diet ever devised that jives with the way humans are designed to eat
  • Nature made man to eat a certain way to be strong, fit, healthy and powerful:  what it is and how to get there progressively
  • Your energy will SKYROCKET as your body adjusts to the way it was always intended to be fed!
  • Exactly what to eat
  • Exactly when to eat
  • What NOT to eat
  • How often you can "break" your diet and still reach your goals (THIS is important- we are all human-even the most disciplined can't keep on the straight and narrow forever)
  • "High intensity" exercise or "long slow easy " exercise- which is best for fat loss?? The answer to this all important question is sure to shock you!!
  • Exercise: how often? Doing too much is far worse than doing too little!
  • As days turn into weeks your outlook on life well be transformed as you see and feel your body becoming leaner and more muscular
  • Why you may never need to feel hungry in order to lose the fat you want
  • How the results of doing this ACTION PLAN will be greater the more times you do it, as opposed to working less and less like other diets
  • When to slack off and fatten up a bit, important for continued success

Soon you will be the proud owner of a new PANTHER-like body:  lean, powerful, athletic, and bursting at the seams with dynamic energy!!!  All by just following my simple instructions for diet and adopting an intelligent exercise plan

After experiencing the tremendous results of this plan you will want to make the Savage Fat Loss ACTION PLAN a lifestyle that you will thank your lucky stars you finally found!!

I could do as others have done- dress this valuable information up a bit with scantily clad models (who usually haven't even heard of the product they are posing for) and a professional printing job and easily charge $49 to $149 (depending on the amount of "fluff" added) - but I think what you really want is the hardcore info presented in a straightforward and economical manner.

"The facts ma’am, just the facts!!" - As the old TV show used to say!!

This information is RAW!  This information is HARD HITTING!!  Not the FLUFF you find in bookstores!

Available ONLY by ordering the Nature Boy Diet!!

Another BONUS: For a limited time I will include instructions on: Glycogen loading:  WHEN STARCHES BECOME ANABOLIC

Act NOW and discover a coveted secret on how to be “on" come race day!!

There is a time and place where the eating of "no no foods” may just be the edge you need!  Feel your energy skyrocket for special events with this timeless trick!!

Read all the web pages in this section carefully to reveal these diet plans and get your order in!

Price:  This is actually FOUR courses (at least!) in one and could easily command over $100!!  But Jack Savage doesn't want anyone to miss out on this life changing info and for a limited time the price is ONLY $29 plus $7 S/H ( total = $36 ) or $14 outside the USA ( total = $43)!

ALSO included: ALL free gifts mentioned in this section!!

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Jack Savage

PS: SPECIAL NOTE: Although GENERAL facts concerning exercise are included in this diet it is primarily a DIET-not an exercise- informational product.  For best results you should also do an exercise plan along with this diet plan.  The Jack Savage web site has MANY exercise products to chose from- just order one, several, or ALL ( for max variety and interest ) to go along with the Nature Boy Diet!

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