Learn how the almost forgotten practice of Feats of Strength can take you from weak, to Strong, to SUPER STRONG!!


Bend the Unbendable! Break the Unbreakable! Lift objects that no one around has ever seen lifted before!

From the Fists of Jack Savage:

Hi Fitness Pards!!

Introducing a fitness product which will change the way you train and even THINK about training from now on!

You can be STRONG! Amazingly STRONG! Explosively STRONG! Unbelievably STRONG! Strong in such a way that there will be no need to go to a gym to prove it! Your strength can be demonstrated at any time, any place! Demonstrate such super-human strength that your gym rat friends with their SUPPOSED big bench presses, and 1000 pound leg presses will have have to BOW DOWN before what is obviously a far superior strength athlete!

Who will be this super-man?


Yes YOU!!


Yes, you will be amazingly strong once you train for short while on my new Jack Savage's BONOMO Feats of Strength Course! Step by ever loving step I will take you from weak- to strong -to SUPER STRONG!!

Almost unknown fact: One of the main SECRETS of the super human levels of strength developed by the old time strong men was this:

In order to develop the super human ability to do Feats of Strength PRACTICE doing Feats of Strength!!

Daaaa! This is SUCH a simple NO BRAINER that it is amazing it has escaped so many for so long!!

Training for Feats of Strength work your muscles over a range of resistance and stress points that can't be duplicated any other way. This type of training BUILDS strength and power to a degree that no other type of training can duplicate!

The rare ability to perform Feats of Strength comes from two sources : know how and possession of tremendous strength. You must have both - one with out the other is worthless. This course delivers it ALL!! You will be shown all the "tricks of the trade" as you start out by doing the easier feats. As your strength and ability develop (by the practice of these
feats) you will move toward the more difficult ones.

Success breeds success!!

Joe Bonomo, one of the best if not THE best of the old time strongmen, weighed in at 190 pounds and was considered perhaps the strongest man of his day. There were strong men far bigger but also far smaller. One man - known as the Mighty Atom- was around 145 and performed feats never done before or since.

It doesn't matter how big or small you are - super strength is within your grasp by consistent training on Feats of Strength!

At last the closely guarded secrets of SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH have been uncovered in this revolutionary course!

The "core" of this new course is a reprint of the almost impossible to find "Joe Bonomo Feats of Strength" manual.

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Who was/is Joe Bonomo and what is this course??

A short bio of Joe Bonomo (a full version would take many volumes!):

  • was a skinny sickly youth
  • began learning the secrets of strength and fitness from a circus strongman, thus beginning a life dedicated to the ideals of physical culture
  • as a teen won the highly coveted "Mr. Apollo" contest
  • a world class sprinter
  • played pro football for the pure love of the game (there was little money in it)
  • was a world renowned stunt man and daredevil : a newspaper did an article once on the "black cats" ( a group of 13 stuntmen famous for doing stunts that no one else would dare attempt ), a follow up article a year later found Bonomo the only one still alive and performing!

Bonomo was an incredible all around athlete:

  • BOXING: Good enough to be Jack Dempsey's sparing partner; once KOd an angry chimpanzee in a knock down fight
  • CATCH WRESTLING: trained with many of the greats of his era including Ed "Strangler" Lewis ; had many pro matches (back when it was REAL- and the toughest sport imaginable); what was supposed to be his toughest match turned out to be one of his easiest when he pinned his powerful opponent in ONLY 45 min! Can you imagine the strength endurance needed for such a contest? Today's wrestlers are usually spent after 6-9 min matches! And THEY are considered to be in fantastic shape!
  • SAVATE (AKA French Foot Fighting)
  • All things fitness and health related
  • "ALL-IN-FIGHTING" now called Ultimate fighting or mixed martial arts- he had a running challenge to the great Jack Dempsey for a fight of this nature but Dempsey wisely declined. A good thing too - Bonomo would have won easily!!

As I said, I could spend forever telling you about this fantastic all around athlete (to know more do a Google search for Joe Bonomo and find the site "Joe Bonomo is my Hero"); but what is most important to know is that one of the secrets of his amazing physical abilities was his mastery of Feats of Strength AND that he left these priceless training secrets for posterity in his Feats of Strength manuscript!

"What will training in Feats of Strength do for me?" - you might ask!

ALL this my friend:

  • It will open wide the door to super strength , no matter what your size! Be far stronger than so-called strong boys far bigger than you!
  • You will be FAR stronger than you look- as opposed to the muscle guys that have little in the way of real world strength
  • Your entire body will explode with new found strength and power as this amazing training molds you into something almost super human. Perform Feats of Strength that will amaze onlookers!
  • Your self confidence will soar as things thought "impossible" become childs play to you!
  • The mental power you develop will carry over to all other fitness elements : training for endurance, cardio, fitness etc all become a whole lot easier as you have mastered your mind which controls your body!
  • Your new found power will carry over into your personal life as you suddenly become extremely attractive to the opposite sex. It is a known fact that attractiveness is directly linked to confidence level and ability to handle yourself in a stressful situation. Women especially can sense this in just a few moments. As your confidence and personal power soar so will your attractiveness!!
  • Your new found confidence and power will directly transfer over to you professional life as well, you will be the "go to guy " when things get tough!


This course takes the mystery out of how to do these feats. No more guess work needed.

  • Every method used
  • Every position taken
  • Every action needed


Here is a partial listing of just SOME of the Feats you will master from the Bonomo Feats of Strength course:

  • Tear a pack of playing cards in half, then half again, then quarters!
  • Tear a phone book in half!
  • Lift a man (or girl if you prefer!) over head with one hand!
  • How to have someone break a big rock on your stomach with a sledgehammer and not get hurt!!
  • Lift up 4 people on a pipe!
  • Resist the arm pull of 4 people. They will not be able to pull your arms apart no matter how hard they try!
  • How to lift a car off the ground. I don't mean the back or front- but the ENTIRE car!! ALL 4 tires! AND I mean a BIG car! Impossible? This is one you'll have to work for but well within the realm of possibility with the proper training!
  • How to do the Plance Handstand. There is a trick to this which makes this impressive (those that are experts on conventional hand stands usually can't even begin to do this one) feat a lot easier. Consistent practice on the easy method will build the strength to do it without the "trick" , at that point only world class gymnasts will be able to duplicate
    your ability!
  • Handstand and hand balancing
  • Bend a heavy iron spike with your hands
  • Bend a heavy iron bar with your teeth
  • Bite a spike in half; the term "bite me" will take on a whole new meaning!!
  • Drive a nail thru a thick board or heavy sheet metal! This feat leaves any Karate style board breaking far in the dust as far as impressiveness goes!
  • Lift hundreds of pounds with one finger. Once you know the "trick" to this you may be able to lift more with one finger than with 2 hands! Astound your friends!
  • Pull an entire railroad train!!! You may have heard of or seen pictures of a former "Perfect Man" performing this amazing feat. To do this you need super strength AND know how!! Modern "strong man competitors" don't even come close to the size of
    trains and the distances that were pulled by the old timers - even tho they are nearly TWICE as big!!

I -Jack Savage- was able to pull a 27,000 big rig truck 40 yards so I have some experience in this arena. With the training you will receive from Feats of Strength you may be able to do much better!

Don't be surprised to soon see "World's Strongest Men" competitors pulling bigger trains for further distances once this course starts making the rounds!

This is another one you will have to work for, but I will give you guidance on what to start out with and how to work your way up.

  • Hold up a half ton of weight on a board while in a bridge position. WOW!
  • Leaping and tumbling feats. The old time strongmen were VERY agile as well as super strong- let Joe Bonomo show you how to develop your agility and athleticism!! While most of the bodybuilders and strength athletes of today are "Ox-like" you will
    posses the sinewy flashing strength and power more akin to a great jungle cat!

In addition to the Bonomo course ( the best ever written for Strong Man Feats ) you will also learn how to do other amazing feats that were the specialties of other famous strong men:

  • Tear a license plate in half!!
  • How to BREAK ( not just bend!) an iron spike!!
  • Bend a COIN with your fingers!!!
  • Breaking a chain!!
  • Breaking police regulation handcuffs!!!
  • Snapping a baseball bat in two!!!
  • Lifting the back end of a truck!!
  • Lifting a car half off the ground from the side!!
  • Squeeze the air out of a BASKETBALL!!!

This is the most comprehensive course of its kind ever produced!! A true Super-Course!

By Acting NOW you can also get these limited edition FREE GIFTS!! Hurry! These Bonuses may be removed at any time!

Bonus !! Order now and also get the Bonomo Muscle Control Course! Joe shows a near forgotten form of exercise that will greatly aid you in building the strength, limberness, and mental control you will need to do the Feats of Strength.

Bonus #2 : The "Jack Savage Guide to Feats of Strength" - Hints and tips on doing and training for many of the Feats from a variety of sources. How many and which feats to start with. A valuable resource that will greatly help your progress!!

Bonus #3 : The Joe Bonomo Body Conditioning Program. A conditioning program to get you in the PEAK of condition for the strong man stunts. Body weight exercises, isometrics, breathing exercises, self resistance exercises as well as valuable guidance included! Some of these exercises cannot be seen anywhere else! Build strength, limberness, endurance, and overall fitness the Joe Bonomo way!!

Bonus #4 : Special Report : Mental "Internal" Resistance and Feats of Strength

How to use this little known method of mind/muscle exercise to help master Feats of Strength. This method in many ways actually works your muscles FAR HARDER than doing the Feats of Strength themselves! With a little imagination you will be able to apply this valuable training method to get better at ANY sport or activity! Jack Savage shows some examples to get you going!

Now you can INCREASE your STRENGTH and POWER beyond belief !!!--- Exhibit it in spectacular awe-inspiring fashion!! ---- with this action packed super course!!

Note: This course is in WRITTEN ( manual ) form.


The cost of this priceless information is only $69 plus $7 S/H ($14 Foreign)! Yes, for the price of a dinner for two on the town you can possess the closely guarded secrets of SUPER STRENGTH!

BUT WAIT!! As a marketing experiment-for a limited time!- I will go crazy and offer this course with ALL the free gifts for only $39 plus $7 S/H for a total of only $46 ($14 foreign S/H for a total of $53)!!

So hurry up and order already before I come to my senses and put the right price tag on this course!!!

Your Friend and Instructor,

Jack Savage

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