Dynamic Calisthenics Course

*WARNING!!!!  If you are not HITTIN' IT HARD on KEY bodyweight exercises you will NEVER get the functional body you want!

Heave and ho at heavy weights from dusk till dawn!  Work like a dog on the latest "rod flexing" or other tricky device!  You may see some limited results, but you will NEVER gain full development until you Master the Secrets of Dynamic Calisthenics!

If you want the fastest results possible, if you want to be the best you can be, YA GOTTA GO OLD SCHOOL!

Dear Friend,

Read on to find out what you will NEVER know from reading those silly "body building" mags in the local store!!

Bulgarian sports scientists, through numerous exhaustive hi-tech scientific tests, found that it is ONLY by moving your body thru space during exercise that maximum gains can be achieved!!  ONLY in this way are critical fitness related hormones released. It is a little known fact that these hormones are largely responsible for growth!

Scientific tests validated what ancient elite warriors knew all along!

When this invaluable research was implemented in their athletic programs, Bulgarian athletes soon were trouncing the world!!  Even though it is a tiny country in comparison to juggernauts like the USA and Russia!

Bulgarian research revealed that in order to compete with the giants, they hadda go OLD SCHOOL!  When they did, victory was assured!  They soon left the hi-tech giants of Russia and the USA in the dust!

Ignore this research at your peril!

Unfortunately for me, there was a period when I got away from timeless exercises such as these. Yes I too fell victim to the propaganda of the glossy "body building" mags!  Although I appeared to be getting stronger (as measured by various weight exercises), when I put my body thru REAL WORLD TESTS such as demanding obstacle courses and activities in my normal course of duties-including scaling fences/walls etc.-often while weighted down with battle gear that can equal half my body weight OR MORE- I found them increasingly difficult. The reason was simple, though it took me a while to figure out why.

What was happening was that I was continuing to improve my skill to move heavy objects but was going BACKWARDS in my ability to manipulate my own body thru space. To be the best athlete you can be you MUST practice gaining control of your own body as it exerts itself in what it will come across in nature.

This principle works for the big cats with their flashing strength and power. It worked for mighty Spartan warriors and ancient gladiators.  Make no mistake about it, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU ALSO!

By following these timeless exercises and principles you will get the body you want as sure as sunrise follows sunset!

Seeing the error of my ways I tirelessly researched and developed the greatest bodyweight exercise program known to man! All the best programs, all the best exercises were examined, improved, and built upon.

Weightlifting, special apparatus, and other new age training methods all have their place; but will ONLY work to their maximal if built upon a foundation of proper body weight exercise.

Moving your body thru space throughout its natural ranges of motion has been practiced for THOUSANDS of years by the elite warriors of history. Spartans, Romans, gladiators, knights, conquistadors to name a few. If you want MAXIMUM DEVELOPMENT so should you!  Body weight exercise just FEELS right!!  You know right away you are doing something that is tremendously GOOD for your body!

Watch animals in the wild. I like the big cats especially. See them run, jump, climb, etc - moving their body thru space in a fun and natural manner securing full development.  What they know and practice instinctively can now be YOUR secret to a killer body!

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Dynamic Calisthenics by Jack Savage reveals THE BEST WAY to implement key bodyweight exercises. The BEST exercises. The BEST workout programs. Absolutely nothing else ever before on this subject even comes close!!

  • Easily master the most productive exercises ever created!  Nothing ever devised by the mind of man comes close to Jack Savage's Dynamic Calisthenics!Your body will naturally develop with dynamic strength, power, resilience, and endurance seeping out of every poor!
  • Watch in slack-jawed amazement as Jack Savage himself demonstrates and clearly explains the exercises and programs so that there is NO DOUBT in your mind what to do for your lasting benefit!
  • The best exercises alone don't mean much unless integrated into a great program to boot. Fitness guru Jack Savage uses his unmatched expertise to put these super exercises into super programs for super results!
  • How to integrate Dynamic Calisthenics with other great programs such as Dynamic Self Resistance.  Securing well rounded development as your body grows and grows! Weights, isometrics, tricky devices, and many other methods actually DO work - but not optimally unless integrated with programs each as Dynamic Calisthenics.
  • The dipping exercises: unmatched for development of Chest, Shoulders , Arms and Back! ALL your upper body pushing muscles built in one motion! Practiced by Roman gladiators and now by YOU for full development!  DON'T fall into the "body building trap" of working muscles individually too often. Your muscles work best in large groups and that's how they should be trained!
  • THREE variety of dips, for great overall development without the risk of over use injuries. DON'T fall for that bunk that you need to do only one type of dip!
  • How many dips to start off with and how many to work up too! All guesswork removed! Jack Savage makes it simple!
  • Pull-ups: natures wonder for arms, back and all the great pulling muscles of the body!  The GREAT APES work their bodies through climbing exercises, pulling and moving their mighty bodies over and through branches, rocks, and other obstacles.  The pull-up exercises are very similar in concept.  Add INCHES to your back and arms while building unmatched functionality as well!
    Even if you can't do ONE pull-up you can still reap the benefits of this exercise- let Fitness Expert Jack Savage show you how!  I even show you how to improve your pull up strength even if you have absolutely no access to any type of pull up bar!
  • Build killer abs! Best exercises ever developed! A mid section to die for!
  • Crunches: FORGET THEM! There is a reason why Spartan warriors never did them- they are simply second rate to other far superior exercises. TOO much isolation- TOO little in the way of functionality! Only ONE type of crunch exercise is of any value- let Jack Savage show you what it is!
  • Sit ups: many "experts" will tell you they don't work your abs well. Here they are right IF you don't know how to make a simple modification of what is normally taught as a sit up. With this little known secret, sit ups rocket from WORST to FIRST for functional mid section development!
  • Secret deep breathing and rib cage expansion exercise of legendary champion physical culturist John Grimick builds a powerful full chest!
  • Stretching and flexing: an exercise principle done by the big cats in the wild fully implemented in Dynamic Calisthenics for flashing strength and power!
  • Secret bare knuckles boxer's exercise to help develop knockout power! A forgotten exercise rarely seen today! As a matter of fact, the only other place I've ever seen it on video is in a series with a $500 price tag! You will actually FEEL new power surging thru all your striking muscles!!
  • Kiss that glass back goodby!! Dynamic Calisthenics builds a powerful AND flexible lower back with special exercises!
  • Why the traditional 2 hour workout is ALL WRONG! Jack Savage reveals EXACTLY how long you should work out for max gains!
  • ADVANCED TRAINING: How many reps in key exercises to shoot for!
  • The Bonomo Dip: NOTHING like this has ever been put on tape! I f you can do a hundred push ups or hindu pushups you'll be good to do 10 of these! Compress your workout time as you go on to even greater gains!  Your upper body development will EXPLODE!
  • Internal Tension: Legendary super athlete Joe Bonomo's advanced method of development fully explained and shown how to do with body weight exercises. This will take your development to a new level- NEVER before put on tape and probably worth the entire cost of the course alone!
  • Vibro Tension : another fantastic advanced principle of Bonomo. WARNING: uses sparingly- it's just that hard BUT builds muscle like crazy!
  • Iso Stops: Evil iron curtain method applied to body weight exercises. WOW! Those commies really knew their stuff-at least as far as sports science goes!  Build super strength in record time with method designed by iron curtain sport scientists!
  • Bonus material: Jack Savage explains how to train for events such as a strong man competitions and backs it up with actual footage of a competition! This could easily be you too if you wish with proper training!

GUYS!!!  Nature intends for you to be strong and powerful with a near perfect body! Unfortunately, soft modern living has robbed most people of this birthright.  Dynamic Calisthenics will be your ticket to that dream physique!

GIRLS!! Dynamic Calisthenics will build muscle in all the right places while reducing unwanted fat!  A body like a GREEK GODDESS is now within your reach!

If you like, you might be able train with me in person and learn these hard earned secrets FOR A MINIMUM OF $250 per hour!! I command such rates because I am JUST THAT GOOD at giving clients what they want!  Read on for the shocking price tag of this video course!

This course is over one and a half hours in length and I could easily break it up into a series of 3 or 4 tapes and charge $200 or more AND IT WOULD BE WORTH IT! But -until I come to my senses- I will offer it for a measly $49 plus $7 s/h ( $14 Foreign ).

Hurry! This offer may be deleted at anytime!

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Thru perils great, thru challenges severe, for over three decades the TOTAL FITNESS built by Classical Conditioning methods such as Dynamic Calisthenics has never failed me! My very survival and the survival of friends and loved ones absolutely depends upon being FIGHTING FIT at all times!  As these methods have never failed me, neither will they fail you!

Your pal,
Jack Savage

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