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Dear Friend,

The classical physical culturists knew how to do it, you know, the guys who could drag 14 ton trains, run forever, wrestle 45 minutes flat out and call it an easy match, break heavy chains, swim like a fish, AND do combatives (wrestling, boxing, savate, jiu jitsu etc.) at a world class level.  They knew this to be one of the secrets to maximum development!

Now is your chance to master the almost lost art of physical development via self-resistance!

An integral part of most of the physical culturists of the classical period - now revived for the modern age!

Hi all
I have a copy of "Dynamic Resistence" course and am so impressed by Jack Savage and his teachings & intend on ordering all his products as my budget allows me to do so . . .(next is the calisthenics course and then "hand").
keep up the great work Jack!
Joe Roma

Hello Jack, I received your expanded MIKE MARVEL DYNAFLEX course on Thu. and was blown away by it's contents along with your updates at the start and conclusion of this highly effective exercise manual.  I am 53 years old and have been training for 18 months the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension way. On Fri. I did 3 sets each of dips, v situps, sitting leg raises and knee bends and proceeded to do your Core Dynaflex moves and the 18 exercises in the MM Dynaflex manual. After 12 short minutes every muscle in my body was pumped and hurting as I visualized how much better I will look and feel in a month or 2 with DYNAFLEX 'The Jack Savage Way'. Next month I plan to purchase your Dynamic Calisthenics or your Hikuta Basic course.
Joe Tadios

Some of the priceless secrets you will learn:

  • Step-by-step master plan for success that starts with a few simple exercises and builds day by day until your body has a beautiful suite of new muscles! Every muscle will be fully and evenly developed throughout your body in perfect proportion!  No misshapen overdevelopment of some muscles while others lag behind causing injury due to muscle imbalances.

  • MANY exercises for every body part!  You will probably never exhaust the exercises and workouts in this course!  Variety to the Max!

  • All exercises are simple to perform, convenient, and easily understood.  You will feel like I am there with you in person guiding you every step of the way as you follow along with me doing the exercises.  You will feel refreshed and revitalized and look forward to your "workouts" (though you will probably be looking for a different word to describe what you are doing, it is just too enjoyable to be called work!)

  • Exercise during odd moments of the day or during a set aside exercise time, the choice is yours!  No need to dress for your workout - THE PERFECT ANYPLACE ANYTIME ROUTINE!

  • Your body becomes its own gym!  Kiss your monthly gym fees goodbye!  As your body's strength and fitness develops thru this unique method your self-exercising ability will increase as well.  No tricky exercise equipment to break or fall apart!

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  • Develop strength, flexibility, endurance simultaneously!  COMPRESS YOUR WORKOUT TIME for Max effectiveness!

  • Learn the fitness secret of the big cats!  Lions, tigers, and leopards with their flashing strength and power instinctively do this very same method to help keep themselves in the peak of condition!  Natural methods to develop and keep in shape every part of the body!

  • Master the little known art of combining self-resistance with special deep-breathing exercises.  Your chest will seem to grow almost over night and your endurance will improve dramatically throughout your body as you gain the ability to oxygenate your cells at will!  These exercises alone have made many a weak man strong - and worth the cost of the entire course itself!

  • Learn super-athlete Joe Bonomo's secret methods of internal resistance and vibro tension!  Take dynamic self-resistance to another level! Become fabulously strong and fit!

  • Master a little known method of top sports scientists incorporating isometrics into moving exercises for unparalleled strength and fitness gains!  Dynamic isometrics will be a principle you will use again and again for unbelievable strength gains!

This course is a whopping almost 2 hours in length!  Never before has this subject been covered in such great detail!   Never has so much on this valuable exercise methodology been covered this extensively via video!

Two years in the making!  A lifetime in the developing!

Become the next legend of strength, fitness, and perfect development!

All for $49 plus $7 s/h ( $14 foreign ).

SAVE!! Order Jack Savage's Dynamic Calisthenics AND Dynamic Self Resistance (offered separately for $49 plus $7 S/H or $14 foreign S/H) - a $98 dollar value for only $79 plus $9 S/H-$18 foreign!! That is over 3 1/2 hours of incredible material- an unbelievable value!!

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Yours in Strength and Fitness,

Jack Savage

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