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Jack Savage's FREAKY FOREARMS course unleashes lower arm development FAR SUPERIOR to what can be accomplished with weight, springs, or any other type programs!

Once again the operation dragged on in my elite para military unit. On this particular day we were armed with only giant 357 mag pistols which we had to to keep drawn and at the ready at all times. This was done while we were exerting ourselves with our usual running, jumping, hiding etc. Very taxing on the body. You quickly find your weak points that need work as they tire first.

As the hours piled up fatigue was setting in.

Keith, a national level triathlon competitor was the first to complain.

"My hands are so tired I can't hold this gun anymore!"

Others agreed; even the mighty Bones- a 240lb bodybuilding competitor.

"What about you Savage?"- someone asked.

"Other parts of me are hurting, but my grip is fine" I replied.

This was surprising to everyone, since I had perhaps the smallest wrists and hands of anyone my size they had ever seen. The "experts" say your wrist and hand size to a large degree determines your ability to develop your forearms. I knew better.

Unknown to all, I had developed the most effective wrist, hand, fingers, and forearm training system of all time. One that TOTALLY developed your TOTAL lower arm. Strength, power, size, endurance- ALL elements of ALL parts of the lower arm are totally developed.  No other training system ( and I had experimented with the vast majority of them all at one time or another ) even comes close.

Another time in my unit we were qualifying on a heavy machine gun. The trigger pull was horrendous and the amount of ammo fired astronomical.

Most guys had to take frequent breaks to shake their hands and give them a brief rest.

"I hate this blankety blank course!" exclaimed Steel- a national level IPSC shooter, "My hands, fingers, and forearms are tired for days after! "

I laughed at his whining.

The course never bothered me. As a matter of fact, it didn't even seem like much more than a light workout.

But then again, I knew the secrets to ultimate lower arms.

Thru many perils and trials, carrying huge weights-even over high fences an while scaling buildings- my lower arm power has never failed me.  This is amazing considering I am not genetically gifting for a super grip.

Cursed with tiny hands and wrists I was forced to create the most incredible lower arm program in history. One that built me from someone who NEVER won a arm wrestling contest, to the guy with the forearms admired by all. Due to the need to overcome my disability I have absorbed more practical knowledge on lower arm development than perhaps anyone in history.

I may be the world's premier subject matter expert on lower arm development.

The great thing about this program is that it takes no special equipment. Can easily be done during odd moments of the day AND the results of this amazing system FAR EXCEED that of any weight, gripper, or any other program in existence.

In the past I have kept what I know about lower arm development a closely guarded secret, only passed on to trusted friends and family.

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Now, for the first time and perhaps for a LIMITED time I reveal these amazing secrets!!  Here's what you get:

  • You will have fantastic forearms even if not a "natural
  • Why weight and other programs are second rate to this system
  • No equipment needed for the system, such things would only hold you back
  • Why everyday workouts are wrong
  • How to maintain your development once secured
  • EXACTLY how may workouts per week you need for maximum results
  • The endurance of your hands and forearms will be second to none!
  • The ONE EXERCISE that must be in your program
  • The order of doing your exercises for best results
  • You will build great flexibility into your wrists
  • How to alternate exercises and workouts for continued growth
  • Why you may never need to do another lower arm workout after doing this program for a short while
  • Exercises so simple you will understand how to do them on your first reading, so effective you'll wonder why no one ever told you about them before
  • Your lower arm will start to develop from the very first workout, visible results within a week!!
  • How all elements of lower arm fitness-strength, power, endurance, and flexibility can be combined into one short workout
  • Isotonics: the best non apparatus exercises for your lower arm
  • Isometrics-the most effective ones to do
  • Your grip will become like iron!
  • The best time in your workout to do isometrics WARNING: this is critical!!
  • Your forearms will become the envy of all
  • How often you should do isometrics- once again the "experts" are wrong!!
  • Your fingers will become like steel cables!
  • The "stretching and flexing" principle of the big cats and how it applies to lower arm development fully explained!!

One month from now you can be the proud owner of a set of legendary forearms!  A grip of iron and fingers of steel! The functionality this will give you in sports and other activities will be beyond belief!! Order now-I may remove these priceless secrets from the market at any time!!

Yours in Strength and Fitness,
Jack Savage

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