Jack Savage's Freaky Forearms Video Course

Big Announcement!!! NEW VIDEO COURSE!!!

Hi Fitness PARD!!

FINALLY - after many MANY requests the best selling FREAKY FOREARMS course will be set to video!!


The record results producing routines that are in the Freaky Forearms manual on VIDEO format!

Yes EVERY exercise and EVERY program from the super results producing FREAKY FOREARMS MANUAL now on video!!!

Watch as JACK SAVAGE himself personally demonstrates ALL the exercises and ALL the programs in FREAKY FOREMARMS designed to coax your fingers, hands, and lower arms to TOTAL DEVELOPMENT!!

No other program even comes close when it comes to total FOREARM AND LOWER ARM DEVELOPMENT!!


ALL exercises can be done with your own body or common items found most anywhere!

Watch in amazement as your forearms, fingers, and hands EXPLODE with new found power right before your eyes!!!

AND each super result producing program takes only a few pleasant minutes 2-3 times per week to do!!!!!


If you act now you also get:

Bonus #1!!

Martial Arts lower arm strengthening and stretching exercises:

For those of you that desire the maximum in wrist and hand strength and dexterity be work these great exercises into your program form time to time!!

  • Short stick swinging exercise that builds stamina and dexterity
  • Resistance stick twists for functional forearm power!!
  • The Tiger : an exercise taken right out of the jungles to build not only finger and hand strength but full body strength and dexterity as well!!
  • Lance isometrics: these strengthen not only your grip but your entire body as well!! Build the super strength of a Knight of the Round Table of old!!


Bonus #2

Martial Arts Lower Arm Stretching Exercises!!!

For those of you that desire the maximum in wrist and hand flexibility and dexterity work these great exercises into your program form time to time!!

Work these into your daily routine for "ninja-like" lower arm strength and dexterity!


Bonus #3

Savage Wrist Roller

Wrist rollers have been a corner stone for building massive and powerful fingers, wrists, hands, and forearms for generations- with good reason!!

Let JACK SAVAGE show you the RIGHT ways to use this simple apparatus for the BEST results.

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How to MAKE this simple device and how to use it for maximum results.

Not one but TWO types are shown!!!! :

  1. Conventional wrist roller- little known secrets revealed!!
  2. The SAVAGE wrist roller.  Originally designed by a competitive weight lifter I knew as a teen (who was a good friend and training partner of the legendary Paul Anderson) now with IMPROVED Savage innovations!

Taking the time honored strength principle of Dynamic Self Resistance to a new level!

This will knock your socks off!!

On video JACK SAVAGE shows how to MAKE and USE both these amazing devices!!


FORMAT: specify either VHS-NTSC or DVD (Specify +R or -R if you have a preference) Yes-Finally we have something on DVD!

This super results producing course is only $47 plus $7 S/H ($54 total) or $14 S/H outside the USA ($61 total). This includes ALL the free gifts as well!


Order BOTH the best selling Freaky Forearms Manual and Video together for only:
$59 plus $7 S/H in the USA -$68 total (normally $80) or outside the USA $59 plus $14 -total $73 (normally $86).


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