Jungle Man Super Human Endurance Program

LOST Ancient Fitness Secrets will Unleash within you SUPER-HUMAN ENDURANCE and LEGENDARY Overall Fitness!

LEARN THE LOST FITNESS SECRETS WHICH WERE COMMON KNOWLEDGE TO WILDMEN AND ELITE WARRIORS IN AGES PAST!!!! Now you will have the priceless knowledge to positively TRANSFORM your body like you never before dreamed possible!!

A method truly in tune with nature, where results follow as surely as sunrise follows sunset!

Jack Savage Presents:


Develop the raw POWER of a great ape! Along with animal like stamina, endurance , strength, flexibility, and resilience to boot!

Presenting the JUNGLE MAN SYSTEM! The answer to all your fitness needs and wants!

This program is very similar in concept to my planned SUPER HUMAN ENDURANCE PROGRAM (which I credit much of my youthful ability to hang with young studs fresh out of class in my unit; many of these guys 20 years younger than I!! ).

The Jungle Man System will give you ALL the benefits of the Super Human Endurance Program AND MORE!!

The Jungle Man System is the most comprehensive and versatile fitness program ever devised! It can be implemented on its own or seamlessly merged with my other excellent Classical Conditioning programs : Savage Self Resistance, Dynamic Calisthenics, Dynaflex etc.

The Jungle Man/Superhuman Endurance course is actually the GLUE that puts all the various fitness systems that I follow together into a unique system all its own. Once you understand the principles behind it and grasp how to structure workouts with it, you will have the FREEDOM to do almost any type of program and experience growth in ALL ELEMENTS OF FITNESS at the same time!

No longer do you have to do one workout for strength, another for cardio, and another for flexibility etc.

Ask yourself: "Is training for all the various elements of fitness individually actually realistic?" If you were fighting to survive you would have to use all elements of fitness together. The Jungle Man System not only is the most realistic of programs, but saves you a boat-load of time in the process!

Think of ancient (or modern for that matter) warriors - in battle moving and fighting- wearing heavy body armor and carrying weapons and extra equipment (which may be needed for survival). ALL elements of fitness are needed ALL AT ONCE, not piece meal! The best way to achieve this kind of fitness is to train for all elements at one time within your workouts!

This same concept is also true for any type of athletics that is combative in nature. If one element of your fitness fails - YOU WILL FAIL!

HEAR ME NOW AND BELIEVE ME LATER: building yourself up with the Jungle Man System will enhance your chances of survival in a desperate situation AND make you far more successful in athletics than any other program ever devised.

It is an improved version of a similar system which I have developed and used for many years.

It can be used with no equipment whatsoever, with items you may find in your environment, with simple portable exercise equipment (cable, bullworker, dumbbells, etc), or even in a gym environment( not my fav - like the mythical Jungle Man himself I love the invigorating back to nature feeling of the outdoors!).


As I was researching classic fitness materials from nearly 30 years ago I stumbled upon a very short (1/3 page of a small periodical) article buried in and amongst the "muscle pumper" articles. This my friend, was like finding PURE GOLD in a river bed of donkey manure!

Building upon this foundation, I greatly expanded upon the program (delving into my 30+ years of training experience) to the point where even my worst enemies had to conclude I must be some kind of freakin genius! Although I'd like to claim that, truth is I was just the lucky miner who found the GINORMOUS GOLD NUGGET!

My next step was to test it out on others. (note: I train a very few personal clients - due to demand my rates are VERY EXPENSIVE, but fortunately you can get the same bleeding edge information thru my courses and newsletter).

I knew it would work well since I have been following a very similar (in concept) program (which took me years to develop) as my base of training for many years. Little did I know that the improvements made to my Super Human Endurance program would SKYROCKET RESULTS!


For some reason I can't put my finger on exactly, the results have far exceeded even my expectations! Clients literally cut up AND grow muscle right before my eyes! I knew it would work, but didn't know it would produce results like this!

I have some theories as to why it works so well. One being the FUN FACTOR! Instead of having to almost beat a person with a whip to get them to workout, it is all you can do to keep them from doing it TOO MUCH (due to the nature of this method I'm not sure if that is even possible!)!! They literally can't get enough of it! One client even told me he enjoyed this workout as much as sex! (I took that remark with a grain of salt!)

Another theory is the NATURALNESS theory. It is so in tune with the way humans move and exercise. Once followed incredible fitness just EXPLODES! It has to be the most NATURAL method of fitness ever devised! With this system you feel like a true NATURE BOY!

Another thing, if you are already following a program that you are happy with don't be afraid and think that you must now stop it and follow something entirely different. This method is so VERSATILE you can PLUG IN virtually any other natural method of training to further increase the gains you have been experiencing. This is true be it one (or more!) of the methods I teach (Savage Self-Resistance, Dynamic Calisthenics, Dyna Flex etc) or others.

Check out some of the life changing instruction contained in the JUNGLE MAN SYSTEM:

  • Why most trainers are DEAD WRONG about the way they train people!
  • Learn the forgotten secrets of total fitness highly prized by warriors thru out history!
  • Body fat will melt away as muscles pop out all over while training only a FRACTION of the time of your current program! Quality over quantity!
  • Easy to understand and do. Simplicity is the keynote of this system!!
  • Learn why doing one workout for strength, another for cardio, another for flexibility etc is silly, too time consuming, and just plain second rate for real world fitness. You will soon master a FAR better way- The JUNGLE MAN way!
  • You will dramatically reduce your waist and hips as your overall fitness EXPLODES!
  • Your upper body development will go thru the roof as your heart and lung fitness skyrockets!
  • Build well shaped legs that will seldom tire!
  • You will start cutting up all over.
  • The unique angles with special exercises will explode your upper body development. Hitting your muscles in angles you could NEVER reach with a conventional weight or body weight exercise program!
  • Your heart and lung conditioning will easily climb to astronomical levels! Even others that are highly conditioned will be amazed at your stamina!! That "always tired" feeling will soon be just a distant memory!
  • Massive chest, broad back, amazing arms, cannon ball shoulders can all be yours with just a fraction of the time spent working out by most gym rats!
  • Once you master the simple principles behind the JungleMan system you will find your creativity stimulated! Create your own workouts on the fly! Variety to the max as you NEVER have to do the exact same workout twice.
  • How to tailor and personalize the system FOR YOU!
  • You will find the unique exercises not only challenging but FUN! Never again will you have to FORCE yourself to workout! You will find yourself chomping at the bit to do your Jungle Man sessions!
  • Never again worry about having to push yourself to get results. Just a few simple fun, playful bouts a week will give you max gains. Go at your own pace. As your conditioning improves you will naturally start having more intense sessions. But, your sessions will be so enjoyable you will hardly notice it!!
  • The aerobic fitness formula you need to know in order to make gains in this area.
  • You will feel GREAT AND INVIGORATED after each session! Never again be tired and fatigued after a workout!!
  • How to put the ANIMAL ELEMENT into your Jungle Man system with fantastic fun drills such as : bear crawls, the tiger stalk, alligator walk, monkey hops AND MORE! Build animal like strength and stamina!!
  • Special breathing methods that can be used with your Jungle Man program to help build incredible endurance!
  • Internal tension methods (developed by the legendary Joe Bonomo himself!!) to incorporate into your program for even more added strength!
  • The Savage DynaStride : Take power walking to a new and much higher level as you learn to incorporate internal tension and special breathing methods with a pleasant walk! Fitness has NEVER been so fun!!

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SUPER HIGH INTENSITY PROGRAMS: A HOST of programs NOT for the faint of heart! Exercises and programs of a high intensity nature designed to get you in TOP SHAPE YESTERDAY!! All can be integrated into the Jungle Man System with instructions so simple any fool can follow along to get in the greatest shape of his life!

Body weight programs, cable programs, dumb bell programs, barbell programs, bullworker programs, isokinetic programs are ALL INCLUDED!

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Special Report: How to knock a min or more off your 1 mile run time in a month or less!!

I'm not a "runner"- one who logs his miles daily, weekly, and monthly etc. I do believe running can be a greatly beneficial exercise if done properly and incorporated into a TOTAL fitness regime. I believe in a comprehensive strategy for fitness to give the BEST and MOST HEALTHY results.

This type of strategy COULD pose a problem when you consider that I am timed frequently on my mile on a regular basis just to keep my position in my unit!

Given a few weeks time I can easily BEAT the best times of many of my mega running co-workers even tho I log a fraction of their mileage! This is especially surprising due to the fact that they are usually far better "natural" runners than I!!


By a strategy I developed in conjunction with a co worker who competed in events like triathlons - even tho he spent very little time in training. He was up on the latest research as well as field testing every scrap of knowledge he obtained.

Quality beats quantity every time!

Over the years I have perfected this routine to the point where knocking a min or two off my mile or 2 mile time in a few weeks is a done deal!

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