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According to many scientific tests!

Dear friend,

Whenever I'm no where near anything resembling exercise equipment, nor in a position to even break down for a set of push-ups, I know I can at least keep my muscles in perfect tone OR EVEN IMPROVE with the lost art of isometrics!

The reason I can speak to this with such CONFIDENCE is that I have lived it!

As a top operator in an elite paramilitary organization, we had the misfortune of being deployed at one time in such a manner that anything resembling a standard workout was IMPOSSIBLE! We were in full tactical gear for 8, 10, even 12 hours per day and not even allowed to break down for so much as a set of push-ups! This went on for months!

I just knew my hard earned conditioning would go straight down the toilet!

And by all rights it should have.

Mike Marvel to the rescue! An isometric course I had bought for informational purposes (I thought myself FAR too advanced for this type of program to do me any good!) turned into my training bible! "Working out" during spare moments of the day with his Dynaflex method I hoped to be able to keep some degree of strength and conditioning. Was I in for a shock!


When I FINALLY was able to get back to my old high intensity routine I found that not only had I not digressed, but had GAINED NEW STRENGTH!  My muscles looked great and were toned to the max! WOW! Thanks Mike!

I used to have the Mike Marvel Dynaflex booklet when I was a teenager and also, the Atlas Dynamic Tension. That was like 16 years ago and I was a machine. I can't wait to get it in the mail. Too many injuries from powerlifting.  I also have Matt Furey tapes as well and I plan to start boxing professionally in a couple of years.  I know I'll dominate with freaky functional strength.
Take care,
Chris Adkins

Hi Mr. Savage
I've been following Dynaflex with your recommendations for two months now.
When I recently started doing Hindu pushups again I could do more than twice as many as the last time I tried.  I've never been able to do Atlas sit-ups--but I did 15 yesterday with almost no effort.  Even negative pull-ups were too hard for me to do--and now I can do them (and really slowly, too).  This spells out to me I've really gotten stronger!  I'm really expecting great gains from the Savage Self Resistance and Dynamic Calisthenics programs as well!.  BTW Dynaflex isn't time consuming and really easy to stick with . . .
like you say in the intro: a good "investment.".
Going Savage all the way!
Roma Pohorecky

This taught me a valuable lesson, and I then embarked upon a quest to learn everything I could about the science of isometrics.

Isometrics became one of my tightly guarded "secrets" to great strength and fitness! I could easily maintain conditioning indefinitely (while concentrating on other fitness components) or make giant gains in record time! All due to intelligent application of HUNDREDS of tests done by the world's top strength and fitness scientists over a 10 year period!

Strangely, most athletes not only don't know how to apply these many studies, but have never even heard of them!

It's true! It's true! Since that time I've always included isometrics in my exercise programs and even done them exclusively for long periods! During these times not only did I not go backwards in my development but actually improved at a MORE RAPID RATE!

This system will develop your body to near perfection!  If you are underweight, by slight diet modifications you can make BIG gains in muscle size as well as strength! If you are over weight, the new totally toned muscles will make it easier to lose! If you are happy with your present weight, it will pack you full of tiger-like strength, tone, and grace!  Your new muscle shape and power will astound you!

Like a panther in the wild, scientific isometrics will cram your body full of strength that seems far in excess of your size! Everyone will say "Wow! He (or she!) sure is a lot stronger than they look! "

HUNDREDS of scientific tests that were done in the 50s attest to iso's effectiveness in building strength.  Averages of five percent strength increases per week were common on test subjects. Try to match THAT with weights!

Important to note: The date of the experiments is BEFORE steroids were prevalent. Today's tests are always suspect because you never know if the test subject is on the juice or not.

The physical culturists of the classical era practiced isometrics- though they didn't have a fancy name for them. You see them incorporated into many of their total body exercise programs. Some did little else other than isometrics! These were the REALLY strong ones such as Apollon!

If the history of physical culture teaches us anything it is this: ISOMETRICS BUILD STRENGTH!!

Mighty Paul Anderson incorporated isometric type exercises in his training. As did the Russians, Bulgarians, and other iron curtain athletes. Take a hint from the Super-Champions!!

Going thru my archives the other day I ran across a yellowed booklet from the 70s: "Mike Marvel's Dynaflex". My introductory course on scientific isometrics by Mike Marvel, Builder of Champions.

This training manual is surprisingly complete.


  • History of Isometrics

  • Like a miracle, these motionless exercises will give you fantastic strength and muscles of steel without hours in the gym!

  • You will discover that these exercises are pure FUN to do! You will look forward to doing them! Many people who have trouble following any exercise routine find that this is the ONLY program that they can stick too!

  • Testimonials to their effectiveness

  • Builds powerful arms, magnificent chest, powerful shoulders, strong stomach muscles and legs that will seldom tire!

  • Various studies done on isometrics

  • No apparatus or exercisers, your body is your own gymnasium!

  • Guidelines to better health

  • Scientific isometrics is the modern method of stimulating muscles- takes just 10 minutes per workout AND will not tire you!!

  • Dynaflex method of isometrics: most exercises involve flexing and stretching in a certain way, building both strength and flexibility

  • No long hours of boring exercises with weights or costly apparatus

  • Dynaflex exercises for every body part

  • Isometrics is the amazing discovery of German scientists who found a thrilling new way to build powerful strong muscles in just 10 minutes per workout, or less!

  • Each exercise is done for only 5 to 10 seconds per day!

  • Isometrics with movement: some exercises involve movement under intense tension, often called dynamic tension (not to be confused with the course by Charles Atlas which actually has little of this type of exercise)

  • Isometrics against stationary objects: some exercises in this manual are done this way

  • Isotonics with isometrics: some exercises involve a combination of movement (faster movement with less tension than with dynamic tension) with isometrics combined

  • Vital tips on getting the most from exercise: what to wear, when to exercise, how much to exercise, what to do after exercise, relaxing, cautions

  • Diet instructions

  • Gain mental command of your body, the best way known to build your mind/muscle link

  • Combining sports and recreational activities with Dynaflex

No one seems to know for sure if "Mike Marvel, Builder of Champions" ever truly existed.  In my mind it really doesn't matter.  From all accounts the system works, and can be done in its pure form or combined with other types of exercise as the trainee desires.

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If you think about it, this is the purest form of "flexing and stretching" done by the big cats as well as other animals in the wild. So if Mr. Natural TARZAN-type workouts appeal to you, then this is it!

Scientific isometrics can be your total strength program- for terrific strength and muscle development. Most athletes dream! They can also be easily incorporated into a bodyweight program, weightlifting, or any other type of program for the all-important added element of PURE STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT which cannot be attained better in any other way!

By looking DEEPLY into hundreds of studies on isometrics AND taking hard-earned lessons I and many others have learned from the practice, I have been able to greatly EXPAND the Mike Marvel manual!!  It is now the most complete course in scientific isometrics without special equipment ever offered!

Only JACK SAVAGE could make this possible! As a strongman, elite paramilitary operator, and self defense expert, I bring my vast training knowledge into play!

A great classical course is now updated, expanded with priceless training material and made even more practical for the 21st century!

Check out some of the priceless training material offered IN ADDITION to the Mike Marvel manual:

  • Correct breathing pattern, new medical research shows you how!

  • These exercises will strengthen the lines of communication between your mind and body, VITAL to achieving maximum benefits from ANY exercise!! The importance of this feature cannot be over emphasized. After a short time of doing Dynaflex, you will find that if you lift weights, you can now do considerably more repetitions and more weight than before. If you do body weight exercises you will now be able to do more Hindu Pushups, more pull-ups, Hindu bridges will be easier, etc. The reason for this is manifold:

    1. You are stronger due to Dynaflex

    2. Dynaflex has activated and developed muscles that were unused by other exercise methods and you now have greater overall strength

    3. You have greater mental control of your body, you can command it to push harder at will

    4. You have developed what is called your "inner strength" and are now able to command your body to do extraordinary things should the need arise in an emergency

  • Why reducing your number of workouts per week will INCREASE your gains! Train even less, gain even more!!

  • These exercises will both stretch your body and push blood into unused fibers in the center of your muscles, no exercise equipment in the world can do this! This will build stabilizer muscles to help prevent injury AND give you greater overall body power due to development of muscles that could not be reached by any other method.

  • Summary of HUNDREDS of scientific tests done on isometric exercise and how it applies to your training!!

  • These exercises will increase both the strength of your muscles and MIND! You will soon be able to do things you never thought possible!

  • Clarification as to the proper Dynaflex isometric stretch and flex technique

  • Additional shoulder exercises you can substitute for variety and fun. They really work the back great too!

  • Great back exercises you can substitute for variety and fun!

  • These exercises will teach you how to "turn on" your body to tap into your maximum strength!! You may now be capable of exerting only 30% of your total strength. Doing these exercises will teach you to bypass that barrier! Unleash the superman that hides inside you at will!

  • Fantastic ribcage exercise you can substitute for variety

  • If you do other types of exercise, learning Dynaflex will train you how to push yourself to new higher levels! Get those extra reps! Get that record weight!

  • These exercises will train you to develop your inner strength!

  • Variation on a Dynaflex bicep exercise for even better gains!

  • One of the first things a Dynaflex trainee notices is that his everyday activities suddenly become easier! This usually happens within DAYS of starting the course! Climbing stairs, hauling groceries, mowing the grass etc - it is truly amazing how the added FUNCTIONAL strength comes in handy!

  • New bicep exercise that puts the arm in the best position for max gains!

  • Exercise duration rotation that prevents staleness and keeps gains coming week after week, month after month. A Jack Savage original!

  • How often you actually have to work out to maintain gains, this will absolutely SHOCK you!!

  • An array of lower arm exercises for an iron grip

  • Lower back exercise which erases back pain, building an iron lower back! Plus variations!

  • Ab exercise you can do anywhere which makes your mid section punch proof!!

  • An upper leg exercise like no other

  • Building cycles and maintenance cycles explained

  • Total body isometrics; train your entire body at once!

  • Do your exercises during spare moments during the day. Now the time taken out of your day for training drops from 10 minuets to ZERO!

  • How to best incorporate Dynaflex into other type of training programs

  • Variation on side mid section exercise that builds unbelievable flexibility as well as strength

  • How to work your muscles in groups with scientific isometrics, building more functionality AND further reducing training time!!

You may have been informed by the "experts" (actually these so called experts are those with a vested interest in the gym/equipment industry or their drones) that strength built up via isometrics is only good in the static position trained and it will not carry over to full range motions.

A series of studies in the late 90's was to BLAST THAT THEORY TO HADES AND BACK!! Test subjects built their static strength up an average total of over 51% over a 10 week period. Typical for a well run isometric program. When tested on full range exercises it was found they improved nearly 28% on their one rep max and over 35% on their 10 rep max. That is a 60% carry over effect without ANY full range motions done! Improvement in full range movements by isometrics was undeniably far in excess of a method that totally relies on full range movements!

An interesting side note to this and other recent studies: these were performed on subjects who were ALREADY ADVANCED TRAINEES! People who thought they had already reached, or were very close to, their genetic limits! These trainees gained at a rate matching that of untrained individuals! WOW!

I would make a scientific guess that the transfer rate could be improved to close to 100% with the recommendations I make in my courses. But even at 60%, this is still FAR GREATER than can be accomplished thru conventional means!

Don't delay friend! I am constantly taking some products off the market to make way for others. This product may not be available for long. Order today and let the DREAM TEAM of Mike Marvel and Jack Savage make YOU A CHAMPION!

Bonus!! Order today and get these valuable free gifts:

  • "Secrets of Attracting Girls" and personality building! Probably worth the price of the course alone!

  • Record and progress chart, keep up with your success!

  • How to do six feats of strength: drive a nail into wood with your hand, lifting a car, pull a car with your neck, how to tear a thick telephone book in half, lifting a man with one hand, and how to bend a 60 pennyweight nail!

  • 2 collectable classic Mike Marvel Dynaflex advertisements from the 60s and 70s! WOW!

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Exactly how JACK SAVAGE cycles his training year! The how, when, and why of various training methods explained! This is a critically valuable training tool to anyone who wishes to maximize his or her performance, week in week out, month in month out, year in and year out!

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  • Tear a telephone book in half!
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Jack Savage

Proof the DYNAFLEX builds power muscled bodies, check out these testimonials for the Mike Marvel Dynaflex course :

"I tried two other systems before my buddy told me about DYNAFLEX. It REALLY works- and how! I've put two inches of solid muscle on my biceps, three inches on my chest. It's like magic! "
---Larry Collins, New York City

"I never thought you could build terrific muscles without exercises or weights. Started DYNAFLEX two weeks ago and am building a GREAT physique."
---Ed Garp, Detroit Michigan

"DYNAFLEX is the best yet! Only three weeks and I have more dates than I can handle! I am telling all my friends about DYNAFLEX! "
---Frank Singleton, Chicago, Ill

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