Jack Savage's Savage DynaFlex 2 -Super Advanced Isometrics!

Build SUPER Strength with ADVANCED Isometrics!!

There never has - or ever will be - a better faster way!

Savage DynaFlex 2 -Super Advanced Isometrics!

Hi Fitness Pard!
Stunning new announcement!!!
Dynaflex 2 - Advanced Isometrics- the VIDEO now on DVD!!

Nearly completed the most ambitious project YET from Jack Savage Fitness!!

Gasp in amazement as the world's leading FUNCTIONAL Fitness Guru takes the principles of ISOMETRICS to a new level! Strength and POWER like you've never dreamed possible is now yours!

See the newest advances in SCIENTIFIC ISOMETRICS in "Dynaflex 2 -Advanced Isometrics the Jack Savage Way"!

Included is ALL THIS and much MORE :

  • The DynaFlex Kata: an amazing DynafFex routine in one continuous "Dance of Fitness". Jack Savage shows you how to seamlessly combine the DynaFlex principle with Dynamic Imaginary Resistance and VibroTension ( both fantastic result producing methods of exercise in their own right ) for results that are many times MAGNIFIED over what is possible with any one single exercise principle alone!!
  • SEE mighty Jack Savage perform these exercises so that there is NO DOUBT in your mind as to how they are best done!
  • Maximal Contraction : those of you who have DynaFlex 1 know the amazing results that can be had with proper application of this principle; NOW you will learn when and why you would want to apply DynaFlex to other parts of a movement for SUPER results- This will Blow your mind!
  • The latest info on Dynaflex from the latest studies and field research! Stay on the Bleeding edge of Scientific Isometrics knowledge!
  • DynaFlex with Resistance Bands - the DynaFlex principle is applicable with virtually ANY exercise method! Jack Savage shows how doing the DynaFlex principle with simple "stretchy bands" can open a whole new world of fitness for you! No need to buy any expensive bands form a sporting goods store- most ANY kind will do- even cheap ones from a hardware store or perhaps something lying around the house. Jack Savage gives you all the secrets!
  • See many variations of the classic Dynaflex exercises never before revealed! You MUST get this information!
  • DynaFlex with weights for SUPER strength!! Just a few simple DynaFlex moves incorporated into a weight program will DRAMATICALLY improve results! If you are into weights- now you will learn how to cut back 70 % of your workload -OR MORE- and gain MANY TIMES the results!! Jack Savage shows you how!!
  • See NEW Dynaflex exercises developed by the innovative Jack Savage! Develop your muscles like never before!
  • DynaFlex with exercise machines : Usually strength machines give very limited results ( you may be one of the MANY that have experienced this for yourself! ) but by applying DynaFlex you will now have a strength building method second to none!!
  • Listen as Jack Savage goes into great detail as to the proper application and performance of ADVANCED Dynaflex. In GREAT detail and far superior way than any manual- what can be explained and showed in a few seconds on video would take PAGES to explain in print- and you still may not get it!
  • DynaFlex with Body Weight Exercise- Body Weight Exercise is great- but becomes FAR GREATER with DynaFlex principles applied!! Only Jack Savage can show you the BEST methods!
  • Prepare to be inspired as the POWER BODY of Jack Savage ( built by many years of SMART and innovative training ) strains mightily while doing the exercises! You will see EXACTLY which muscles are brought into play with each exercise!
  • Exercise along with Jack as he goes thru many variations of the Dynaflex method of total muscle development! There simply CAN'T be a better way!
  • How to make simple but ENORMOUSLY productive Isometric Exercise Devices with little or no money! I could make and sell these for megabucks ( and maybe one day I will! )- but I'd rather teach you how to make them cheaply and easily! WARNING - many Isometric Exercise Devices in the past could cause injury easily!! Jack Savage shows how one simple twist will not only prevent injury but MAGNIFY results as well!
    -Thank your lucky stars that you will NEVER AGAIN be a slave to a gym or tricky machines! Workout WHENEVER or WHEREVER you want without ever again paying a thin dime to the greedy gym industry!
  • Master the Dynaflex exercise method in the quickest way possible as you watch- soon you will not need either the manual or the video to remember HOW and WHAT to do!
    -1 hour PLUS in length jam packed with vital information! Compare price per min for this to other INFERIOR tapes- a great value!! Priceless information on this time tested method at ROCK BOTTOM rice!!
  • If Jack Savage were an evil former eastern block trainer or a former level two wrestling champion he would probably make this into a 2-4 DVD series and charge 2-3 times as much! Fortunately for you, Jack is not- so you will get a fantastic bargain!

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How to make -and use-the SAVAGE Isometric Exerciser

With just a few simple household items a prortable but heavy duty Isometric Exerciser can easily be made!

WARNING!! Many devices that may LOOK similar are not only second rate but vastly increase your chances of injury as well!! Jack Savage shows a simple twist that will dramatically improve results as well as make the device far safer!!

I could make and sell these very easily- for mega bucks!!!

ON DVD- at the end of the DynaFlex 2 video. (at least till I come to my senses!)

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