Jack Savage's DynaFlex: The VIDEO!


All the time tested SCIENTIFIC ISOMETRICS in "DynaFlex The Jack Savage Way" now on video! PLUS MUCH MORE!!

  • SEE mighty Jack Savage perform these exercises so that there is NO DOUBT in your mind as to how they are best done!
  • The latest info on DynaFlex from the latest studies and field research! Stay on the Bleeding edge of Scientific Isometrics!
  • See many variations of the classic DynaFlex exercises never before revealed! You MUST get this information!
  • See NEW DynaFlex exercises developed by the innovative Jack Savage! Develop your muscles like never before!
  • Listen as Jack Savage goes into great detail about the proper application and performance of Dynaflex. MUCH more detailed than the manual- what can be explained and showed in a few seconds on video would take PAGES to explain in print- and you still may not get it!
  • Prepare to be inspired as the POWER BODY of Jack Savage (built by many years of SMART training) strains mightily while doing the exercises! You will
    see EXACTLY which muscles are brought into play with each exercise!

  • Exercise along with Jack as he goes thru many variations of the Dynaflex method of total muscle development! There simply CAN'T be a better way!
  • Thank your lucky stars that you will NEVER AGAIN be a slave to a gym or tricky machines! Workout WHENEVER or WHEREVER you want without ever again paying a thin dime to the greedy gym industry!
  • Master the Dynaflex exercise method in the quickest way possible as you watch- soon you will not need either the manual or the video to remember HOW and WHAT to do!
  • Aprox. 1 hr and 45 min in length! Compare price per min for this to other INFERIOR tapes- a great value!! Priceless information on this time tested method at ROCK BOTTOM PRICE!!
  • If Jack Savage were a trainer, such as an "Evil" former Eastern-Block trainer or a former level two wrestling champion, he would probably make this into a 2-4 tape series and charge 2-3 times as much! Fortunately for you, Jack is not- so you get a fantastic bargain!

Amazingly, this fantastic product sells for only $49 plus $7 S/H ( $14 foreign ) for a total of $56 ( $63 foreign ) a great buy!

FREE GIFT #1: An ADVANCED Dynaflex routine!! You MUST do at least a month of regular Dynaflex training before tackling this! SEVERAL months are recommended! Only by building a solid base of strength can you hope to be able to do this workout! Just FOUR super hard exercises applying Dynaflex principles will drive even the strongest man to tears! But more importantly : to GROWTH such as even an advanced trainee will be amazed! Even if you have thought you have reached your "genetic potential" for strength and muscle you will have to rethink things after giving this routine a try! This program takes less than a min- but the results will far exceed doing a conventional workout for HOURS! If you are smart you will do these
exercises FIRST while you have plenty of energy then finish your workout off with regular Dynaflex or other exercises of your choice.

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Free Gift #3: Actual footage of mighty Jack Savage as he trains for and competes in a North American Strength association national qualifier event!

  • Stare in slack jawed amazement as he tows a 27,000 Mack truck! Lifts heavy round stones (Atlas stones) , runs while holding giant rocks (more like boulders!!) and challenges the might of the log lift!
  • Throwing his hat in the ring- with only 6 weeks notice-against many guys who had been training for these events for YEARS -was quite a feat. Amazingly, if not for totally blundering the Conan wheel event Jack would have been in the hunt for top honors!

Be aware, that YOU TOO can develop strength and fitness like this - OR DO EVEN BETTER!! There is no telling what you will be capable of with smart training such as in DynaFlex!

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