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Savage Fat Loss: Radical Weight Loss Programs



WITHOUT starvation, WITHOUT cutting out your favorite healthful foods, WITHOUT doing crazy fad dieting!!

WITHOUT ordering my RADICAL WEIGHT LOSS program even! Crazy as it might sound read on and I will give away the secret for free!

Last year I decided to try my luck in a major strongman competition. Checking my weight 2 weeks before the contest I discovered I was at 215lbs, bad news when you want to make the 200lbs or below weight class!!

Not a problem!

I knew I would easily drop that much weight OR MUCH MORE in 2 weeks because I have become absolute master of manipulating my body weight! AND I would do this WHILE continuing to get stronger and in better overall condition!!

No stupid starving, cutting out healthy foods that I love, or the SCORES of other idiotic ideas that pass for diets these days.

I watched a special report on the news the other day where many of the popular "diet gurus" and their programs were highlighted. I SAT IN SHOCKED DISBELIEF!

BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars pumped into the diet industry every year and that is the best they could come up with?

The physical culturists of generations past knew how to precisely control their body weight, but such knowledge has somehow become a LOST ART!

Back to the strongman competition. What did I weigh in at?

195lbs - easy, no sweat.

I went a little overboard because I was unsure of the accuracy of the scales I had access to. Otherwise, I'd came in right on the money at 200lbs.

AS PLANNED I felt great and set many personal records in events that day!

As a matter of fact, in 30 years of competing in competitions where I have to be a certain weight, I have NEVER not made my desired weight class- often coming in right to the quarter pound!

How is this possible? Here is the secret I promised you:

In order to master weight loss, you must also master the science of WEIGHT GAIN!

They are like twin brothers of separate mothers. You can't have one with out the other.

It is incredibly simple, really. By knowing how to gain solid muscle mass it is almost a no brainier to make slight modifications for FAT LOSS!!

That is why my weight loss program is offered ONLY with my weight gain program. You must know both, they are interrelated.

The classical physical culturists knew this, and their knowledge base has actually been built upon -made even better- by modern sports scientists. IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!

I, Jack Savage, will reveal these priceless secrets to you:

  • Classical Diet: gain health; get to your proper body weight
  • What popular foods should be cut back (NOT entirely out) for maximum health AND weight loss
  • How to monitor how your energy levels to personalize your diet
  • What type of meats to eat
  • What time of the night to stop eating
  • When to stop eating at a meal
  • When GAINING weight will help you to lose weight more rapidly
  • Simple math formula reveals why most diet gurus have it all wrong
  • How to eat the same amount and exact foods and still lose weight each day
  • How much weight to lose each week
  • Secret third world to lose fat
  • What type of work out programs go best with weight loss diets
  • Weight gain secrets modified slightly for MASSIVE weight loss
  • Why heavily muscled athletes are seldom fat


If all other plans have failed (and they probably have) THIS is the SCIENCE based program PROVEN to work in the real world!

Order now before I snatch these priceless secrets off the market!

Here's what you get:

The Savage Fat Loss systems (there are actually several-select the one that works the best for you!).

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