SHOCKING DISCOVERY goes BEYOND bodybuilding!!!!

Super Human Strength! A magnificent Power Body! Beyond just mega muscle endurance! Beyond just functional fitness!! Beyond just sport fitness! Beyond just combat fitness! Beyond just building lean muscle!! Total body fitness can now be yours in this fun and challenging way! This course takes you far beyond Matt Furey type exercises such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!

Jack Savage Presents: The SUPER-MAN Project!!!

Dear Friend,
As an international fitness trainer I have clients with a wide variety of needs: all the way from just to lose a little around the waist to the desire to become a legendary SUPER CHAMPION!

Recently I have had a lot of requests to design a program that would make one a top notch mixed martial artist, or champion rugby player, or get in top shape for special ops units; in short, these Savage Students want to become a Super-Man!

To devise such a program I would need to research deeply and test various programs in depth.

How does one create a Super-Man?

I looked deeply at how athletes and warriors trained in times past-ancient Greek Olympians, Roman Gladiators, elite warriors of every age.

I looked deeply into the programs designed by modern sports science; including even old Eastern block training protocols which were never implemented.

I had a grasp of the basic concepts in my mind, but they were a bit unclear-fuzzy if you will.

Then one day, as I was doing something entirely unrelated (strange how often this is the case for giant advances in science and other fields!), it came in a flash- a MAGIC MOMENT!


How could I have ever have missed it!!

I had to write the concepts and principles down immediately lest I forget!

I had to implement the concepts into my own training immediately so I could see for myself how these new/old concepts would affect my body.

I had to implement the new/old concepts immediately into my select "experimental clients" to that they could experience the results for themselves!

As the program was tested, a little tweaking was needed here, a bit of a change there, with the end result STUNNING!! A SHOCKING advancement in fitness and exercise science!

As time went on the final answer was created.

Now the ULTIMATE answer to total body fitness is ready!! But are YOU ready for this BLEEDING edge info????

Are you ready for an amazing secret fitness formula that any fitness-conscious guy or girl would give his right arm to possess??

Ready for the amazing CUTTING EDGE secrets of MUSCLE BUILDING, Fat Blasting, and SUPER total fitness methods of the world's most advanced super athletes??

I've been perfecting this course in secret for TWO YEARS with a VERY select group of private clients-elite soldiers and athletes of the most extreme mentality. These guys want RESULTS- and they want them yesterday! And if they don't get them, they'll be gone faster than you can shake a stick at!

This program works SO WELL, that I had the full intention of NEVER releasing it to the general public, but to keep it for myself and a few select clients. These clients I charge MEGA BUCKS to know these secrets!

But, it's not always "all about the money"- not with my company anyway!!

Hikuta Enterprises' MISSION STATEMENT has been, is, and always will be: to bring the VERY BEST fitness and self defense information to the general public-those that actually need it most. This type of information is usually reserved for the VERY ELITE: black ops military units, deep pockets security and defense firms, well funded athletic institutions, the "beautiful people" (actors, rock musicians, etc) and the super rich.

Truthfully, to make the BIG BUCKS in this type of business that is the type of people you have to cater to.

Unlike many other instructors in this industry, I have never lost sight of WHERE I came from.

Born poor as dirt in a part of the country that can only be described as "third world" (if you don't believe me drive thru the backwoods of Southeast Alabama even today- you'll think you've been transported back a couple hundred years to a very dark place!) in an era of extreme violence I often wondered if there were better methods to become fit and knowledgeable about self defense. I desperately needed this knowledge TO SURVIVE. I obtained what knowledge I could but it was street smarts, LUCK, and divine intervention that were the main companions that helped me to live to tell about it!

As time went on I was able to infiltrate the "good ole Boy" system and learned secrets of health, fitness, and self defense that the average Joe would kill to possess. Not only that, but I was able to IMPROVE upon them! My improvements were so dramatic, that the elitist now come groveling to ME for instruction!

True, I take their boatloads of money and improve their lives beyond what they ever dreamed possible, but my heart will always be with the "average Joe' struggling in the trenches!

The host of “Average Joes” has what has made America great, and from time to time deserves a break. And that is just what Jack Savage is going to give out in spades!!

This particular break will be THE GREATEST FITNESS AND MUSCLE BUILDING program ever devised!

After a short time on this program everyone will gasp in amazement at your new body and wonder how in the world you did it!!!

I can honestly give my solemn word that you will see undeniable increases in your muscle tone and size, strength and appearance — a total body change —within the first few days of applying the SuperMan program!! And I also promise you this: If you'll need only invest a few minutes every other day following the principles of this incredible training system for the body you always dreamed of.

This program actually synergistically fuses together many of my existing breakthrough fitness courses into a SUPER course on fitness and muscle building! Aptly named:

The SUPER MAN Project

A program emerged that builds enormous strength and power, incredible endurance, off the charts stamina, melt fat off the body like a blow torch, build USEFUL functional muscle to the extreme, ALL IN ONE SIMPLE TO DO- no equipment needed- workout!!!!

It was unbelievable!! I had finally reached my goal and developed a TOTAL body fitness program that goes beyond bodybuilding and unlocks the secrets to Super Human Strength, a magnificent Power Body, megamuscle endurance, functional fitness. Sport fitness, combat fitness, building lean muscle, and takes you far beyond Matt Furey type exercises such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!

The first stage of the SUPER-MAN project was complete: THE SAVAGE GLADIATOR WORKOUT!!

Super Fitness-like that of the ancient Gladiators of old - developed in just one simple workout!

No need to do one workout for endurance, one for strength, etc etc- all the fitness elements to become a true Super-Man can now be done in ONE WORKOUT performed 2-4 times per week for from 12-45 min each time!!

To make this happen I had to combine key elements of ALL of my existing fitness programs- Dynamic calisthenics, DynaFlex isometrics, Dynamic Self Resistance, Jungle Man Super Endurance, etc PLUS key elements of the new research into one SUPER PROGRAM!!

Only a SUPER program will make one a Super-man!!

Develop the raw POWER of a great ape! Along with animal like stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility, and resilience to boot! Your strength and endurance will seem to be super human!

Presenting the JUNGLE MAN SYSTEM-Super-Man Project: Savage Gladiator Workout program on DVD! The answer to all your fitness needs and wants!

Those of you that have experienced the POWER of my Jungleman training manual already know the fantastic results that can be achieved.

NOW I take the priceless Jungleman training principles and further develop and expand upon them to make you a Super-Man!!

Now is your chance to go beyond bodybuilding!!! The secrets to TOTAL body fitness program that goes beyond bodybuilding and unlocks the secrets to Super Human Strength, a magnificent Power Body, mega muscle endurance, functional fitness. Sport fitness, combat fitness, building lean muscle, and takes you far beyond Matt Furey type exercises such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!

With the Jungleman Super-Man Project: Gladiator Workout DVD you will experience all the power of the manual and MORE but....


No roadwork needed!!

I will show you valuable discoveries I have recently made that propel your stamina and total body fitness WITHOUT the need for inconvenient roadwork. Don't get me wrong, roadwork can be extremely beneficial (and I will show you how to incorporate roadwork into your SuperMan workout as well if desired) but sometimes - or often- weather and other factors can make it impossible.

In the Jungleman Super-Man Project: Gladiator workout on DVD you get all this!

The Jungle Man Super-Man course is the most comprehensive and versatile fitness program ever devised! It can be implemented on its own or seamlessly merged with my other excellent Classical Conditioning programs: Savage Self Resistance, Dynamic Calisthenics, Dynaflex etc. Go far beyond Matt Furey type exercises such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!

The Jungle Man/Superhuman Endurance course is actually the GLUE that puts all the various fitness systems that I follow together into a unique system all its own. Once you understand the principles behind it and a grasp how to structure workouts with it, you now have the FREEDOM to do almost any type of program and experience growth in ALL ELEMENTS OF FITNESS at the same time!

No longer do you have to do one work out for strength, another for cardio, another for flexibility etc.

Ask yourself: Is training for all the various elements of fitness individually actually realistic? If you were fighting to survive you would have to use all elements of fitness together. The Jungle Man system not only is the most realistic of programs, but saves you a boat load of time in the process!

Think of ancient (or modern for that matter) warriors - in battle moving and fighting- wearing heavy body armor and carrying weapons and extra equipment (which may be needed for survival). ALL elements of fitness are needed ALL AT ONCE, not piece meal! The best way to achieve this kind of fitness is to train for all elements at one time within your workouts!
This same concept is also true for any type of athletics that is combative in nature. If one element of your fitness fails- YOU will fail!

HEAR ME NOW AND BELIEVE ME LATER: building yourself up with the Jungle Man system will enhance your chances of survival in a desperate situation AND make you far more successful in athletics than any other program ever devised.

It is an improved version of a similar system which I have developed and used for many years.
It can be used with no equipment whatsoever, with items you may find in your environment, with simple portable exercise equipment ( cable, bullworker, dumbbells, etc ) or even in a gym environment( not my fav- like the mythical Jungle Man himself I love the invigorating back to nature feeling of the outdoors!).


Origin of the original Jungle Man program:

As I was researching classic fitness materials from nearly 30 years ago recently I stumbled upon a very short (1/3 page of a small periodical) article practically buried amongst the "muscle pumper" articles. This, my friend, was like finding PURE GOLD in a river bed of donkey manure!

Building upon this foundation, I greatly expanded upon the program (delving into my 30 plus years of training experience) to the point where even my worst enemies had to conclude I must be some kind of freakin' genius! Although I'd like to claim that, truth is I was just the lucky miner who found the GINORMOUS gold nugget!

My next step was to test it out on others. ( note: I train a very few personal clients- due to demand my rates are WAY out of reach of most of you, but fortunately you can get the same bleeding edge information thru my courses and newsletter ).

I knew it would work well since I have been following a very similar (in concept) program -which took me years to develop-as my base of training for many years. Little did I know that the improvements made to my Super Human Endurance program would SKYROCKET RESULTS!


For some reason I can't put my finger on exactly, the results have far exceeded even my expectations! Clients literally cut up AND grow muscle right before my eyes! I knew it would work, but not like this!

This is some heavy stuff. BEYOND mere bodybuilding!! True TOTAL fitness : strength development, power building, mega muscle endurance, functional fitness, sport fitness, combat conditioning, and muscle building for the real world ALL in one neat little package!

I have some theories as to why it works so well. One being the FUN FACTOR! Instead of having to almost beat a person with a whip to get them to workout, it is all you can do to keep them from doing it TOO MUCH (due to the nature of this method I'm not sure if that is even possible!)!! They literally can't get enough of it! One client even told me he enjoyed this workout as much as sex! (I took that remark with a grain of salt!)

Another theory is the NATURALNESS theory. It is so in tune with the way humans move and exercise. Once followed incredible fitness just EXPLODES! It has to be the most NATURAL method of fitness ever devised! With this system you feel like a true NATURE BOY!

Another thing, if you are already following a program that you are happy with don't be afraid that you must now stop it and follow something entirely different. This method is so VERSATILE you can PLUG IN virtually any other natural method of training to further increase the gains you have been experiencing. This is true be it one (or more!) of the methods I teach (Savage Self-Resistance, Dynamic Calisthenics, DynaFlex etc) or others. Or even exercises such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!

Check out some of the life changing instruction contained in the JUNGLE MAN SYSTEM- SuperMan Muscle Power Course:

  • Why most trainers are dead WRONG about the way they train people!
  • Learn the forgotten secrets of total fitness highly prized by warriors thru out history!
  • Body fat will melt away as muscles pop out all over while training only a FRACTION of the time of your current program! Quality over quantity!
  • Easy to understand and do. Simplicity is the keynote of this system!!
  • Learn why doing one workout for strength, another for cardio, another for flexibility etc is silly, too time consuming, and just plain second rate for real world fitness. You will soon master a better way- The JUNGLE MAN way!
  • You will dramatically reduce your waist and hips as your overall fitness EXPLODES!
  • Your upper body development will go thru the roof as your heart and lung fitness skyrockets!
  • Build well shaped legs that will seldom tire!
  • You will start cutting up all over.
  • The unique angles with special exercises will explode your upper body development. Hitting your muscles in angles you could NEVER reach with a conventional weight or body weight exercise program such as pushups, squats, bridge, Hindu pushups, Hindu squats or weight lifting training!
  • Massive chest, broad back, amazing arms, cannon ball shoulders can all be yours with just a fraction of the time spent working out by most gym rats!
  • Once you master the simple principles behind the JungleMan system you will find your creativity stimulated! Create your own workouts on the fly! Variety to the max as you NEVER have to do the exact same workout twice.
  • How to tailor and personalize the system FOR YOU!
  • You will find the unique exercises not only challenging but FUN! Never again will you have to FORCE yourself to workout! You will find yourself chomping at the bit to do your Jungle Man sessions!
  • Never again worry about having to push yourself to get results. Just a few simple fun, playful bouts a week will give you max gains. Go at your own pace. As your conditioning improves you will naturally start having more intense sessions. But, your sessions will be so enjoyable you will hardly notice it!!
  • The aerobic fitness formula you need to know in order to make gains in this area.
  • You will feel GREAT AND INVIGORATED after each session! Never again be tired and fatigued after a workout!!
  • Special breathing methods that can be used with your Jungle Man program to help build incredible endurance!
  • Internal tension methods (developed by the legendary Joe Bonomo himself!!) to incorporate into your program for even more added strength!

Don't Delay! Order the JungleMan Super-Man Project: Gladiator Workout Today and get these exciting FREE GIFTS!!!

Don't Delay! Order the SuperMan Project Today and get these exciting FREE GIFTS!!!

Free Gift #1

Build huge muscular arms with the JungleMan Arm Blasting Method! This can be incorporated into a Jungleman or SuperMan workout or done separately to build ENORMOUS muscular arms in no time flat!! This arm specialization program takes only a few min 1- 2 times per week to blast your arm development into the stratosphere!

WARNING!! Only use this method sparingly when you think your arms need a little boost, or else your arms will soon overshadow the rest of your super body making you look a little "arm heavy".

A few of my students didn't heed this advice and began to look more like a walking cartoon with arms that looked WAY too big for their body!

NOTE: This is a different program than my Arms of Steel Super arm development course.

Free Gift #2

Secret Ninja and Samurai Leg power method revealed!!

While researching ancient Ninja and Samurai training scrolls I was SHOCKED to discover an exercise for the legs and lower body that was so closely guarded revealing its secrets to outsiders was upon penalty of DEATH!

The Ninja is one of my favorite ancient warriors, their abilities-even today-are considered almost superhuman!

One reason was they had a method for developing the legs and lower body that would give them superhuman balance, grace, endurance, and strength.

I gave it a try on myself and a few select clients and was totally BLOWN AWAY with the results!!

As a matter of fact, some Savage Students have altogether quit all other forms of leg and lower body exercise once they discovered this exercise- there is just no need to do anything else- it is THAT effective!!

It is VERY intense (far beyond any knee bending exercise you have ever done- and that includes 20 rep squats!) so it can only be done for a few moments, but the results are just mind boggling!

The Ninja knew their stuff!! Build the strength of the strongest weightlifter, the grace of a ballerina, the balance of a gymnast, and develop the endurance and strength to scale mighty castle walls with this one simple exercise!

This priceless secret alone is worth many times the price of the entire course!

Free Gift #3


From the Jack Savage Files: Clients scream for me to re-print this BLEEDING edge series I ran in my Savage Files Newsletter all the time- so for the first (and probably last) time, here it is!!

I look deeply into the training methods of the old East Block Power House of BULGARIA to reveal why they STUNNED much larger and far richer nations such as the Soviet Union, East Germany, and the USA.

It wasn't about money ( they had little) , it wasn't about steroids ( everybody was on them in the big leagues - the playing fields were level , well sort of, actually the BEST drugs were in the USA, and Germany ) , it was about SUPERIOR training methods that allowed Bulgaria to CLOBBER far greater nations in the Olympics and international competitions.

LEARN their secrets!!

ORDER TODAY!! I've pulled free gift offers in the past and made them into their own courses for mega bucks-these may be no different! This free gift offer may be yanked at any time!!
Get all this for only: $69 plus $7 S/H ($14 Foreign) for a total of $76($83 foreign!) This course is like getting the best elements of many of my other courses ALL AT ONCE at a drastically reduced price! Order TODAY as this offer can be removed at any time!!

Add to your Shopping Cart:

Super Special!!

Get the time proven and Revised 2007 JungleMan Training System training manual AND the JungleMan Super-Man Project on DVD: Gladiator Workout on DVD-normally $96 - for a total of only $89!! Plus S/H: $7 USA ($96 total or $14 foreign ($103 total).

Super Special #2!!

Get the time proven and Revised 2007 JungleMan Training System training manual AND the JungleMan Super-Man Muscle power course on DVD and the DynaFlex Super Isometric Courses- DynaFlex manual, DynaFlex 1 DVD, and DynaFlex 2 DVD plus all free gifts for everything - normally $186 for only $159 plus S/H of $7 in the USA ( total =$166 ) or $14 foreign ( total = $173 ).


Or rush a check or M/O to:

Hikuta Enterprises
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Don't Delay! This offer may be pulled at any time!
Your Friend and Instructor,
Jack Savage

With out a doubt, the "Superman/Gladiator Workout is your best program to date. I'm impressed, I have all of your other fitness courses, and I really liked the Jungleman, but the gladiator is the total workout everyone is looking for. You can use my testimonial anytime you like. I have nothing but good things to say about this program.
Thanks Jack.
David Chapman

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