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Note from Jack:
You will receive the same high quality training from these video courses as you would if you were training with me in person!  For a fraction of the cost! These video courses are highly personalized- contact me for any help you need!  You will feel like I am there with you in person guiding you all along the way!  For over a year in providing the best in Hikuta training, I have NEVER had a dissatisfied student!  I have NEVER failed!

Patricia King wrote:
Greetings! I bought the original book and video done by DOK Lee in 1993 when I decided to go back to college and spend a lot of time on college parking lots after night classes.  I was uneasy about walking out in the dark and looking for my car.  I am female, five foot tall, one hundred and twelve pounds, and I want you to know that I brought a six foot four, two hundred twenty pound male attacker flat on his back and unconscious with nothing more than the palm of my hand against his chest.  I was defending my teenaged daughter, who was with me.  Wanna talk reflexes?  Wanna talk Chi?  Wanna talk primal cerebellum maternal protective instinct? I  didn't even hit him that hard.  He grabbed me by the arms, and my daughter attacked him in my defense (a good girl) and it escalated and he grabbed her by the upper arms and they grappled. I shouted "STOP!" and hit him with an open palm in the chest (which was all I could reach) in a sort of a "back off!" manner, and he toppled like a tree.  I wound up giving him CPR, and he was much subdued when he woke up. He asked "What did you hit me with?" and I replied, "The palm of my hand."  In 2000, I had occasion to find a man attempting to break my wrist, actually had it turned completely around (in the legal field it is not uncommon for people to be very unhappy when the truth that may send them to prison comes out, particularly when YOU are the one who found out that truth) and sent him flat with my car keys.  In 2001, a man attempted to strangle me with my own coat collar, and I slashed him, whimpering, into a corner with a nylon strap from a cloth briefcase.  More than one blow (I was mad.)  I must be honest, the last thing on my mind in these situations was Hikuta training...it all happened so fast that if I had to consciously think  "Now what the hell was that Hikuta move" it would have been ME on the ground, or under the ground (men think they can bully me.)   DOK Lee did say that the training would become a part of you, and indeed it must have.  I was just looking at the book and video which surfaced again after doing some housecleaning and wondered if there was anything on the net about Hikuta. I am sorry to hear of the passing of DOK Lee in 2000.  He was an interesting, funny man, and he will be missed.  I kinda wanted to tell him about my encounters, and I'm sorry I waited too long to do so. Patricia King

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