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From "Swifty":
I especially like the kicks of Hikuta -they are fast and pretty much unblockable! 
You have done a better job of presenting the Hikuta Hand than DOK Lee!  It's not that I don't respect DOK Lee, just giving credit where credit is due!  I'm proud to have you as my instructor, and take pride that I'm learning from the best!

Learn the Kuta Hand, many Kuta strikes, Kuta kicks, improvised weapons, and much more!  This is the foundation of the Hikuta system!  The basic principles of Kuta are trained in detail.  Included:

  • 3 MORE elements of the Kuta hand "left out” of the old DOK Lee training package! 

  • Punch and kick with incredible speed and power!

  • Improvised weapons: there is simply NOTHING that compares to Hikuta in this! No need to pack certain items with you - learn to use almost ANYTHING in your environment as a potential weapon! 

  • A huge variety of strikes and kicks are covered in detail! The C strike - powerful and fast hooking strike , blade kick, instep kick - a crippling power kick fired with blinding speed, back kick - instantly ends most confrontations , catapult strike - you will be like a human catapult as you fire these unique strikes to the side or rear!, paw strike - so simple - yet so amazingly effective!

  • AND MUCH MORE!!  Strike and kick using a variety of techniques in any direction with incredible speed and power! 

Your Hikuta ability will take a quantum leap!  Nothing you've ever seen even comes close to the ability you will quickly and easily develop with the training in this course!

"Kuta" soon becomes ABILITY you possess and will never forget!

Available in personal instruction (contact me for dates and pricing), and video course.

Kuta basics: video course info:

Method of operation: order the video course, train from it (2-3 times per week for 20 min or so each session), and after 1-3 months time evaluation and testing can be done in person or remotely.  Remote method: send me a video of you performing the techniques ($15 testing fee-video will not be returned) acceptably to receive certification of proficiency in Hikuta basics. Price $127 +$7 ($14 foreign) S&H.

The Kuta Basics course is aprox 4 HOURS IN LENGTH on two extra high quality tapes!  I could easily do as others and make this a 4-8 tape series,  but most can figure out four hours is four hours!

Price $127 +$7 ($14 foreign) S&H=$134 ($141 foreign) total.  Save by ordering the Kuta Hand course! US funds only - S/H outside USA extra.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

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Upgrade: If you have already purchased the Kuta Hand course you may upgrade to the Basics course: $77 plus $7($14 Foreign)S/H = $84 ($91 Foreign) total. You will get the 2 hour Basic Tape to add to your 2 hour Kuta Hand tape. US funds only- S/H outside USA extra.

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Note: I DO NOT SELL "VIDEOS" - COURSES ONLY! You will receive support in your quest to master my material. Feel free to e-mail or snail mail me at any time.

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From Dr. John K ( 3rd degree black belt Aikido, Karate expert, AND PhD) concerning the Kuta Basics video (tape #2 ): Your second tape is very good. I find the three tips at the beginning of the tape very helpful. I have always found it difficult to organize my action for defense from a fell swoop. This technique makes what was impossible for me easy. ... I have a good gym in my new house. I have a bag setup like yours and I have mats to put down for grappling. It is great.


From Brent: So glad someone is finally pursuing Hikuta (Kuta)  training! I've had the Dok Lee tape/book since 1994 and wondered if the art would ever surface. I have prior MA training in Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do (brown belt), but found them to
be lacking in real-life self-defense techniques. I never had tournament ambitions at all, only a desire to protect myself and loved ones. - brent-

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