The Kuta Hand

For the price of a few Karate lessons learn how to triumph in virtually any hostile confrontation!

The Kuta hand course contains many of the foundational elements of the Hikuta Combat System:

  •  Learn how to strike faster and more powerfully than you ever dreamed imaginable! 

  • You will learn quickly - effectively able to apply this principle in just ONE SESSION!  Continued training will internalize this overpowering system - you will quickly become a master of the Kuta hand!  The Kuta Hand can potentially solve more than 90% of problems associated with a hostile confrontation. 

  • In Hikuta we start things off right: development of maximum speed and power from the get go. The Kuta Hand is possibly the fastest, most powerful, most efficient, most effective, and most difficult to defend against technique in the history of combatives.

A minimalist self defense philosophy to the extreme: think of a boxers jab.  Even highly skilled pro boxers rarely can defend against it well.  Now think of that same jab with the power of a boxer's Sunday punch AND with far more speed.  All this while done in such a way as to prevent injuring yourself in the process!  You now have a crude idea as to what the Kuta hand technique is all about.

This single technique can successfully defend against perhaps 90% of possible street encounters OR MORE!  But even more importantly, while developing that world beating technique something amazing is happening.  The "Kuta ability” is being hardwired into your very being: making it possible to call upon this seemingly "super power" for ANY technique- even those created on the fly!


  • The 3 elements of the Kuta hand "left out" of the old DOK Lee training package!  Amazing as it seems, even more speed and power awaits those that have the classic course!

  • Bonus!  Kuta front kick!  Kick with more power and speed than you ever imagined!  Also, the secret of vectoring!  Kick or strike in any direction!  In addition: how to combine it with the Kuta Hand for even more effectiveness!

Available in both personal training (contact me for pricing and dates) and video course.

Video course method of operation: order the course, train 2-3 times per week 20 min or so each session.  Evaluation and testing can be in person or remotely.  Method of operation for remote evaluation and testing: send me a VHS video of you performing the techniques ($10 testing fee, video non returnable) and if done acceptably receive a certificate of proficiency in the Kuta Hand.  Price $77 + $7 ($14 foreign) S&H. US funds only.

The Kuta Hand course tape is aprox. 2 HOURS IN LENGTH!  I could easily do as others and make this course a 2-4 tape series - but I think most can figure out 2 hours is two hours!

Note: I DO NOT SELL "VIDEOS" BUT COURSES ONLY.  You will receive support in your quest to learn valuable Hikuta fighting skills.  Feel free to e-mail or snail-mail me anytime for any help you might need.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

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Thanks for this.  I appreciate it.  I have experienced a marked increase in speed and power with the first drill on the tape.  I was expecting some increases after a week, but not this much.  This stuff really does work.  Bloody clever stuff.  You keep plugging it, whatever you do! - Raymond from Ireland; 20 year martial artist, bouncer, and writer.


Just wanted to tell you that I have received the video on the Kuta hand and viewed it last night. WOW....with your guidance on the tape I made GREAT Improvement already.  I think it's an excellent tape and look forward to continuing the training with the other levels.  I like the end where you actually show how to train and work on your own. Not too many instructors use this approach. This makes the student
follow along.- JL

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