Level One: Blackheart Warrior


In ancient times, the Blackheart warriors guarded Pharaoh's wives and children (other than the Queen and her children).  In this exciting course you will soon become an expert in Kuta basics and Juday - a vicious commando jujitsu like system, and many combinations and applications of each (Hikuta).

Included in this training:

  • the Kuta Hand( including the 3 elements "left out" of the old DOK Lee training package) - the most powerful/fastest/and indefensible technique in human history

  • the C strike-Hikuta short hooks

  • the T rear strike - punch to the rear w/ amazing sped and power

  • the Catapult strike to the rear and side - "slingshot" punch with the devastation of an ancient trebuchet

  • kick defenses - simple no-nonsense, a kickers arsenal will be useless against you

  • punch defenses - easiest and most effective methods known, no matter what striking system an adversary may be skilled at - he will be at a huge disadvantage against Hikuta!

  • improvised weapons - nothing comes close to Hikuta in this regard, while others may teach to always wear certain types of shoes or carry certain items with you at all times, with Hikuta, EVERYTHING in your environment now becomes a potential weapon of destruction!

  • kicks in all directions - no one is safe in any direction once the power of Hikuta is unleashed

  • reading a person - give yourself an edge, know an attack is imminent; grab defenses - simple Hikuta powered Juday Jujitsu defeats this easily, Hikuta Juday makes you too elusive to grab effectively - negating most grappling tactics

  • the vicious eagle claw takedown - ancient secret takes the wrestler out of his game

  • control arm bar defense

  • wrestlers takedown defense - you will become nearly impossible to take off your feet

  • choke defenses

  • releases; how to break any hold instantly - on the off chance you are caught unawares and some type of hold is acquired; combat wrestling from a scramble

  • speed drills- another Hikuta specialty!, no system ever devised is faster than Hikuta

  • whipping drills - for lose, fluid, natural strikes

  • hand/eye coordination drill

  • lower bar jar - a quick crippling move bar jar- for stunning knockdown power: double bar jar- instant wipeout via this simple combination move!


You will learn MANY applications of Kuta principles!  This course will put you at a level of training far beyond what is in most "black belt" courses.  You will become an almost unbeatable fighting machine!  You will become what you always desired: an almost invincible war machine able to strike with superhuman speed and power; defeat virtually hand to hand any attack- be it punching, kicking , wrestling, etc; and able to adapt easily to a fluid situation - a fast thinker on your feet!

This course is LIGHT YEARS ahead of any military hand to hand close combat fighting system OR anything you can get at a martial arts studio.  Don't get me wrong, there is some good training available from many sources, but nothing compares to Hikuta!

For the price of a few months in a "martial arts" strip mall dojo you can become an expert in a very complete professional fighting system containing striking, Juday combat wrestling, weapons, and MUCH MORE!

Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!

Availability: personal training (contact me for rates), and video course.

This course is aprox 8 HOURS IN LENGTH on 4 extra high quality tapes! I could easily make this a 16-32 tape series- but 8 hours is 8 hours!

Video course cost is $299 plus $7 ($14 foreign). US funds only.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

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Level Two Certification Testing: $199 initial and every year thereafter $49 for yearly recertification. Upon satisfactory completion of the course you will be certified by me as an Instructor for Level One / Blackheart Warrior in Hikuta (Junior instructor).

Upgrades: from the Kuta Hand course (for those who have purchased this): $270 plus $7 ($14 foreign) - and receive the 3 additional tapes. US funds only.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

From the Kuta Basics course (for those who have purchased it): $200 plus $7 ($14 foreign) - and receive the 2 additional tapes. US funds only.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

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Within 15 min the basic Hikuta move was taught that is so quick that it is indefensible and so powerful ... one woman at 105 lbs landed a partially pulled blow to the chest of a 254 lb officer.  It drove him across the room and almost knocked him off his feet.  Officers held {simulated }knives and guns on the women who had only been training in Hikuta for 20 min ... could not get a shot off or effect a stabbing.  Unpulled Hikuta blows will stun and incapacitate ... full force Hikuta blows crush skulls, crush chests ... W. N.


From "Swifty"
I've been training Hikuta .... I think there might be something special with Hikuta.  I wasn't real impressed at first, but ...practice on the spar pro dummy has convinced me that Hikuta is something special.  I've been taking a JKD class with stick fighting mixed in with it.  I've noticed that the straight blast in JKD and the Hikuta hand strike are somewhat similar.  Except the Hikuta strike is even faster and more powerful because of the body mechanics involved.

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