Level Two: Temple Guard/Hikuta Knight

In ancient times the Temple Guard (midlevel Hikuta warriors) protected the high ranking administrators of the kingdom and trained the Blackhearts.

  • Group situations/gang attacks/multiple opponents - a Hikuta specialty is covered in great detail!  No combatives method ever devised does this better!  What is a total impossibility with conventional systems becomes very doable with proper Hikuta skills and strategies!

  • Defense from common weapons - sticks, knives, and even guns can be defeated with Hikuta Temple Guard Warrior Knight skills!

  • Learn the deadly secrets of SWINGING GATE- never before put to video!!  Mastery of this closely guarded secret can rocket your already uncanny abilities to a never before dreamed of level!  Some practice at Swinging Gate will make you much faster even when not consciously using it!  Use elements in your environment to overcome inertia-trees, chairs, walls, and EVEN PACKAGES YOU MAY BE CARRYING!  Even the ground can be used to your advantage if trapped in the dreaded mount position and getting pounded!  Finally a viable method to effectively smash your way out of one of the most undesirable positions a fighter could ever be in!  Surprise and SHOCK your opponent by knocking his block off while he thinks you are helpless and at his mercy!

  • Carjacking - defeat the carjacker with scientific Hikuta!  Also covered: little known secrets of avoiding bullets when being shot at!

  • Juidai Jiu jitsu - Another vicious fighting system incorporated into Hikuta with Kuta principles by an elite black bag commando group.  Floor tactics and take downs highly concentrated on.

  • Need to get from point A to point B REALLY QUICK, but blocked by a 300 lb bruiser?  Move him out of the way with almost no effort on your part!  Need to slam him to the ground instead?  Done with slight modifications of the same "moving out of the way" technique!

  • Mounted with a knife to your throat?  Turn the tables quickly with sneaky Hikuta floor tactics!

  • Slipped to the ground and about to have your head kicked in?  A Juidai trick will quickly save yourself AND have your adversary down for the count in less than a second!

  • Slipped to the ground and surrounded by a gang intent on pounding you to oblivion?  Hikuta Juidai tactics will save your skin and make the gang wish they had picked a softer target!

  • Tricky BJJ fighter gone bad has you in his guard and setting you up for a painful finish?  Little known escapes, reversals, and SMASH OUTS revealed!

And MUCH, MUCH more!


You MUST have trained from the Blackheart Warrior system!

For certification:

Purchase the Temple Guard level course and master the material (easily done with this scientific no-nonsense method based on natural movements).

Also: successfully complete two specialty courses. Ignore this requirement if certification is not your goal. These may or may not be Hikuta courses - check with me for pre-approval.

Available in personal training.

BREAKING NEWS!! Now available via video course!  Taped at a LIVE personal training event!  Get the same high quality training you would get in person training from one of the world's few Master Instructors in Hikuta!

Two tapes - together over THREE HOURS of high quality Hikuta instruction- only $200 plus $7 ($14 foreign) s/h! Once again, I could easily make this a 4-6 set series and charge much more- but the amount of material will be the same! US funds only- s/h outside USA extra.

Please READ FINE PRINT Before Ordering!

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