Level Three: Kublar / Master KNIGHT CHAMPION

In ancient times the Kublars protected the Pharaoh, his first born, and trained the Temple guard.  They were masters of the Kuta fighting system - and YOU can be too!  To be a Kublar is to be a true Champion of advanced combat skills!

  • Hikuta Stealth strikes - initiate an attack without warning!

  • Hikuta Killshots - skills so deadly they only will be passed on to my most trusted students. Black bag methods to INSTANTLY terminate! When absolutely, positively, someone must be eliminated immediately- Hikuta Killshots will do the job like nothing else! WARNING - use only in the most extreme situations! The courts will show NO MERCY if misused!

  • Juisu Jiu Jitsu- advanced applications, quick kills, and instant fight ending combat wrestling.


Training in this course you will finally understand how the elite black bag commando unit was able to successfully complete impossible missions- lightly armed or sometimes ENTIRELY UNARMED!

No other training system ever devised comes close to matching the pure shockingly effective supreme termination methods of the Kublar Knight Champion course!

Currently available ONLY for personal training.

More info forthcoming.

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