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FAQs- Rappin' with Jack Savage! A candid discussion sure to make Jack Savage new enemies in the martial arts establishment!!

Q: How long will it take to learn the Kuta Hand course?

A: The typical student will be able to comprehend and effectively use the basic Kuta hand principle in as little as 20 min.  Continued training will internalize it- making Kuta instinctive.  Practicing 20 min or more every other day should do it.  Trainees report incredible speed and power developed in only 12 short workouts!  You will then have the Kuta ability for life.  Continued practice will make your Kuta even more fast and powerful.  Once you reach this point it will be a skill you posses FOR LIFE!  Hikuta practitioners with just the Kuta Hand level of training report that even though they stopped training entirely, in a stress situation they automatically were able to call upon Hikuta skills as if they had been continually training!  Hikuta becomes a part of you that will never be forgotten!

Q: How long will it take to learn the Kuta Basics course?

A: First the student will learn the Kuta Hand.  As with the Kuta Hand course the main parts can be used almost immediately.  From there s/he will learn other applications of Kuta principles including kicks. Practicing 20 min or more 2- 3 times per week should have the typical student VERY capable to apply Kuta Basic techniques in a variety of circumstances in 1-2 months.  A partial list: Hikuta C-hooking strikes from any angle; catapult strike - striking like a human trebuchet to the rear or side; Hikuta kicks - lightning fast and unstoppable, paw strike - unique and incredibly effective, improvised weapons: Hikuta offers simply the best training ever devised in this area.

Q: How long will it take to graduate from the Blackheart Warrior course?

A: The student should allow about 3 months to internalize the many applications of the Kuta principles in the Hikuta Blackheart Warrior course. This is a very comprehensive course, offering REAL WORLD principles and techniques simply far beyond that of your typical 'black belt' program. Hikuta can only accomplish this seeming impossibility due to the very fast learning curve based upon natural movement patterns.

Q: What is the difference between Kuta and Hikuta?

A: Kuta is the root system developed by the ancients based upon sound scientific principles.  Hikuta actually has a double meaning. One being the highlights of Kuta- meaning just the streamlined basics.  The other (and this is usually how I refer to it) is Kuta and the additional applications (commando jui-jitsu like systems, a variety of modern weapons, modern military tactics etc.) added and integrated into it by the commando unit that practiced Kuta as the basis of their combat system.  The idea being HIGH Kuta - or a higher level of Kuta: Hikuta.  In my courses I've also added other effective skills from a variety of sources and integrated them with the classic Kuta and Hikuta for an even more powerful Hikuta.

Q: Is Hikuta only about self protection?

A: The applications of Hikuta are limited by your imagination.  Mastery of Hikuta will make you far more confident and competent in your daily life.  You will be faster all around and can "turn on “your Kuta to "turbo-charge" many sportive techniques.  As a small example; training from just the Kuta hand level I was able to apply Hikuta principles to greatly enhance my speed draw.  In short order and with minimal training, I was able to match competition shooters who spent many hours each week specializing in such skills.

Q: How long would it take to go from scratch thru the 3 levels of Hikuta and become a Kublar Knight Champion (Master level)?

A: Allow from 9 months to a year for those who decide to take this path.  Remember, Hikuta is a COMBAT system based on natural movements learned and "hardwired" into your system rapidly. Graduates of this program will be real world effective far beyond that which can be achieved by those that have spent decades in standard martial arts or even military hand to hand systems.  This is only possible due to the unique scientific building block approach of the Hikuta system.  A graduate of the Kublar Knight Champion program stands before the world as a true elite warrior.  He stands with pride as a peer among the most elite warriors of legend ever produced by any culture, at any time; ancient or modern.

Q: I'm already deeply involved in a combative system that I'm happy with. What could Hikuta training do for me?

A: Obviously, to get the most from Hikuta you'd need to apply the principles as specified by both the ancient and modern warriors that developed them.  However, for those who don't desire to change systems, one of the benefits of Hikuta is that it can be done "plug and play".  In other words, applying some Kuta principles will make any striking or grappling system faster and more powerful.  I give guidelines on how to do this.

Q: There seems to be a lot of hostility in some established martial arts circles when it comes to Hikuta.  What is your take on this?

A: It’s true it’s true! The establishment of the martial arts world, by and large, fears and hates Hikuta - lashing out whenever and however it can.  The prime objective of any establishment is always to maintain the status quo.  Hikuta is a loose canon that cannot be controlled!  If you look closely you will find most of those negative towards Hikuta fall into several easily identifiable categoriesOne is the martial arts instructor or those associated to them, or perhaps attracted to the exotic persona of a particular art or arts.  These people feel threatened and get extremely hostile due to seeing funds that would ordinarily go to them now going to Hikuta instructors such as myself.  "Follow the money" is a strategy used by many investigators, and a concept the wise consumer will heed.  Almost all of this group have never even seen any Hikuta materials - but pretend to be an expert in why it cannot work!  Because THEIR system cannot ever hope to produce results even remotely comparable to Hikuta they incorrectly assume that nothing can - and attempt to lead others to believe the same. A few of this group have obtained some Hikuta materials, but ONLY with the express purpose of discrediting it; and LONG AFTER they had already made up their minds about the system.  Their "testing" usually comprises of cursory reading and/or viewing of a tape then perhaps giving some half hearted attempts at techniques (which they don't come close to comprehending).  The end result:  they then declare the whole system bogus. CONSIDER THE SOURCE!  Remember: Hikuta has possibly the highest satisfaction rate in the entire martial arts/hand to hand/combatives industry!!  LET THE STUDENTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

Q: Yes, as a small example, I notice a certain 10 year yellow belt has gone on a Jihad of sorts in an attempt to portray Hikuta - and especially you - in a negative light.  An accountant by trade, amateur ghost writer, and "expert" critiquer of martial arts and combatives courses portrays you as an egomaniac as well as other things.

A: Don't forget he is now also an "expert" evaluator of special operations units - both public and private!  This is quite a feat considering he has never walked a beat, carried a gun for his livelihood, or so much as spent even one minute under the watchful eye of a DI!  He is a prime example of someone desiring to maintain the status quo by any means necessary.  This guy went so far as to post a negative "professional review" of the old DOK Lee package on his web site - a full SIX MONTHS after writing extremely negative posts on various boards on the internet concerning Hikuta - WITHOUT EVER HAVING SEEN ANY HIKUTA MATERIAL!  It's obvious he already had his mind made up concerning Hikuta - all he needed was a quick look at the old DOK Lee package in order to give his "review" an air of credibility.  As far as ego goes, there is a certain confidence which comes with the self development obtained via Hikuta as well as other means.  The reality is that ANYONE with just a few months of Hikuta training will become to the untrained eye as good as someone with 3 years or more training- the learning curve is just that steep!  I hold nothing back.  I teach by the motto "Poor is the student who fails to exceed his teacher."  I fully expect and will be delighted with my Hikuta students surpassing my abilities in time.

Q: What about your mastery of Close Quarter Battle and other modern combat methods? Will they match those as well?

A: I've been doing that for almost 20 years so someone attempting to match me in that be warned it may take a while!  I fully believe however, that the time it takes to be operationally proficient can be lessened greatly by doing martial arts training and especially developing skills such as Hikuta.  To do this it would take a dedicated student seeking out first rate instruction in CQB and other modern combat methods as well as concentrated training in martial arts and Hikuta.

Q: So you consider the martial arts to be your competition?

A: Some narrow minded martial artists may think so, but the truth is Hikuta is FAR REMOVED from any martial art.  Hikuta is a professional fighting system - not a recreational activity - which is actually what most martial arts really are.  If pure fighting ability is desired, then a system such as Hikuta would better suit most peoples' needs far better.

Q: So are there any benefits to martial arts training?

A: Don't get me wrong, I have trained and continue to train in a variety of martial arts.  They are very beneficial in a variety of ways: conditioning, ability to focus, development of self discipline, ability to relax under stress, and a limited self defense capacity being just a few.  It is also important for even Hikuta practitioners to keep an open mind and train in systems which can compliment and supplement their fighting ability.  Often, just slight modifications are all that is needed to make what appears as a very nonrealistic system real world effective.  Remember, most martial arts started as real world effective fighting system but over time took a road that catered to the masses.  Perhaps becoming overly involved in sports or kata or whatever.  Becoming more "art" than "martial", losing a lot of effectiveness due to becoming overly complicated and abandoning simple effective maneuvers for more athletic ones.  Another temptation is to get away from the "hard" parts of training in order to gain more students who bolt at the thought of actually breaking a sweat or getting an "owwie".

Q: Can you give some examples?

A: How many Karate students are consistently training in hand conditioning?  How many military hand to hand, jui jitsu, or self defense courses do anything more than have students perform techniques carefully choreographed?  There is a place for that, but you must have training at some point with a resisting opponent to be able to apply such techniques in the real world.  To the schools that do still practice the old ways my hats off to them - it’s certainly costing them students and money.

Q: So you don't have a lot of friends in the martial arts community?

A: Actually, I do - but they are the few who aren't "married" to a particular system or exotic pseudo-history!  Please consider this: my primary loyalty MUST be to my students and prospective students.  Hikuta is about making a person as combat effective as humanly possible as quickly as possible.  Making new friends or accumulating enemies is FAR DOWN THE PRIORITY LIST for me.  If
I start watering down Hikuta or censoring what I say about what Hikuta can accomplish due to offending someone then I should just close up shop!  My primary responsibility is to my students and potential students- NOT "to win friends" in the martial arts community!

Q: You've had your "shingle" out for about a year now (March '02) - what has been the success rate with your students?  Also, Hikuta has been on the market for a decade now - how is the success rate for the system as a whole?

A : From what I can gather from companies that have offered Hikuta training in the past, as well as now, other Hikuta instructors, and myself: Hikuta has BY FAR the highest satisfaction rate in the industry!  VERY few have ever asked for a refund from ANY Hikuta product ever offered!  In a year of offering high quality personalized Hikuta training, NO ONE has ever wanted a refund or expressed any overall dissatisfaction!  I have NEVER FAILED in getting the results I promise to those who seriously train in my Hikuta system!

Q: So when can we expect Hikuta to go "mainstream”?

A: Hopefully never!  The temptation to compromise the more effective elements of a fighting system in order to attract more students is just too great!  How many combat systems or martial arts systems have been able to maintain their vibrant thrust once that has happened?  Few and far between!  Please shoot me before there is a Hikuta studio in a strip mall near you in most major cities!  What I'm after is a vibrant "niche" market for those that demand only the best!

Q: I notice in your advanced courses you offer training that could be considered too dangerous for public consumption.  Your thoughts on that?

A: Even at the beginning levels Hikuta is extremely dangerous - far beyond anything else available.  I have a screening system in place which becomes tighter as one advances in training.  I stress the legal and ethical ramifications of using Hikuta but in the end have to trust the student to do the right thing.  The extremely deadly techniques will be only offered to the advanced students I know and trust.  Once again, I refuse to do like many have done over the years and water down the system in order to gain more public acceptance and thus more students.  Hikuta will forever be a professional fighting system for the elite few.

Q: Why put the Temple Guard and Kublar levels on tape then?  What if they fall into the wrong hands and get misused?

A: The possibility of misuse is a concern - I'll depend on the screening process to protect against that.  Currently, you can count the CERTIFIED Hikuta instructors on one hand.  There is a very real danger of the system - especially the advanced aspects - to totally die out.  Even with all the instructors gone, the entire system recorded gives a chance that in the future someone could re-create the Hikuta system for posterity.

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