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Testimonial From "Swifty" :
The Hikuta training is going good.  I'm very impressed with your tapes.  I'm not sure Hikuta is for public consumption though!  It's a very deadly art!  It's subtle, comes in small, but hits like an Atom Bomb!  I was just playing around with a guy I spar with in boxing and dropped him with an Hikuta strike!  It did not feel like I made hard contact- but the effect was immediate!

The following is an account of the famous demo performed by DOK Lee which was to bring this ancient killing system out of the shadows. This demo was to send SHOCK WAVES thru the martial arts and self-defense industry!!  These shock waves are felt to this day, and likely will continue for generations to come!

In the early 90s, a security company in the Midwest had been searching for quite some time for a more effective self-defense method which could be taught to its operators more quickly.  The company offered a full range of security services to corporations and individuals.  They employed many former law enforcement officers and self-defense experts.  They also provided self-defense training and legal services to police forces around the country.

In their search they learned of a person who possessed the knowledge of a little known self-defense method that was far superior to any form of fighting, including all martial arts and it could be learned in one day. This self-defense expert's name was DOK Lee.  Lee was trained by a group of elite professional soldiers that were disbanded in the 50s.

Lee agreed to demonstrate his system for them.  Lee's self-defense method turned out to be the most powerful version of Kuta now called Hikuta.

Lee was 58 years old, overweight, and did not appear intimidating.

The company's staff was cynical about DOK Lee and his alleged superior self-defense system called Hikuta.

One of the staff, a former police officer who was also a black belt karate expert scoffed at the notion that anyone can learn a self-defense method in one day that could defeat karate. Also, he didn't think there was any self-defense method which could defeat karate.

Those silly far-eastern traditionalist martial artists and their delusions of grandeur!!

But after only a few minutes of DOK Lee's demonstration , all of them including the Karate expert were awestruck.  Words fail to describe how overwhelming the demo was!

Lee was able to land reduced force, "pulled" blows on the karate expert before he could even flinch. Lee, about 5' 9" landed pulled blows on an ex-highway patrolman who stood 6' 4" and weighed 255 pounds that caused his eyes to water and have difficulty breathing.

Lee then told of how he routinely went to karate schools as a favor to take on numerous of their best guys to demonstrate how helpless they are against Hikuta.  The karate experts are allowed to go full force where Lee would use pulled blows.  Lee would easily defeat them despite the handicap.

Martial arts or boxing require stance set up and most often multiple moves. Hikuta needs no stance set up and uses one explosive move. Hikuta is pure, no nonsense, optimum efficient, optimum effective self-defense. Lee noted that he thought martial arts are good for building the mind, fitness and sport.  But for self-defense, nothing comes close to Hikuta.

A number of small women officers were then bought in.  Within 15 minutes Lee was able to teach them the basic Hikuta move that is so quick that it is indefensible and so powerful it might stun a Grizzly Bear. One woman who stood 5' 2" landed a partially pulled blow to the 6'4" 255 pound male officer driving him across the room and almost knocking him off his feet.

Next Lee demonstrated how a blow from the basic Hikuta move could be delivered from any position including hands in the air, leaning against the wall, or sitting at a table.

Then to the amazement of the ex-police officers, Lee showed them how he could land the blow even though he was in the police spread eagle position before they could react. Lee then landed Hikuta blows on 4 different people before they could react, in a fraction of a second.  One second is a long time with Hikuta.

If all this wasn't enough, Lee's demonstration was to become even more impressive.

Lee told how guns and knives are bad self-defense weapons. Many times criminals will grab them and use them against you.  Lee said Hikuta is much more effective.

Lee had an officer hold a cocked cap gun to his back while he had his hands up. Lee landed a blow and dislodged the gun before the officer could get a shot off. The same thing was done to the front with the same result.

Lee then had officers hold simulated knifes on him in all positions--throat, chest, back, etc. Again, the officers could not effect a stabbing blow or cut with the knife. In fact, most of the time they ended up stabbing themselves which Lee said was a natural reaction from receiving a Hikuta blow.

More amazing yet, Lee had the officers hold the knives and guns on several of the women. The women had only been trained in Hikuta for about 20 minutes. Still, the officers could not get off a shot with the cap guns or effect a stabbing with the simulated knives.

But even more impressive demos were to come.

Next DOK Lee said he was going to demo full force Hikuta blows. We knew the blows he had already demonstrated, if not pulled would be super-forceful.  But the actual unpulled blows that were witnessed next were devastating beyond the wildest imagination.

DOK brought out his special pads for the officers to use so they would not be injured by full force blows.

We got an idea on how powerful the blows would be from the construction of the Hikuta pad: it was a thick pad, followed by a 1/2 inch thick piece of plywood, another pad, another piece of plywood, and even ANOTHER pad! No one had ever seen such thick padding for karate or martial arts training.

The blows DOK delivered to the huge officers while holding the special pads drove them across the room and bounced them off the padded walls of the gym.

Amazingly, the small women could do the same thing.

The basic Hikuta maneuver is not only super quick, but it generates unusual hand or foot velocity and puts the body's entire weight behind the blow. And though a woman of 100 pounds may seem small DOK pointed out that it is more than enough weight. DOK said to imagine someone lobbing a bowling ball and hitting you in the chest. The ball only weighs 12-20 pounds.

DOK went on to show: basic Hikuta kicks, how to break any hold instantly, what to do if you miss your first blow, what to do if you somehow are lying on the ground, what to do if someone is on top of you, and every other imaginable possibility that can occur.

But Lee pointed out that 99% of the time just one Hikuta blow with the hand will do the job and nothing else will be necessary.

Hikuta makes your hands, feet, and entire body lethal weapons. DOK went on the show how you can use everyday objects as even more lethal weapons.

A simple Hikuta demo to prove this: take a coffee cup and put the base of the cup in the palm of your hand and clutch it from the bottom. Now lightly strike your face with the cup. Notice how those little bumps hurt, and imagine what that cup would do to an assailant with any type of thrust behind it!

DOK went on to show how numerous everyday objects can be used as weapons including cups, wallet, magazines, combs, soap bars, TV remote, and on and on.

DOK showed how one of the most lethal weapons was a simple ballpoint pen.  Held in a certain way and using the basic Hikuta move, women in the group were able to thrust the pen deep into a thick phone book.

Next DOK showed how to land blows without hurting your hand. The women soon were able to break boards and bricks easily without hurting their hands. This demo was for real, not the rigged boards and bricks you may have seen on TV.

Lee went on to tell how to kill a vicious attack dog with Hikuta without getting bit.  In fact, he said that was part of the training of the elite professional soldiers he was connected with. As part of his training he was stripped naked and put into a cage. Then two vicious attack dogs were unleashed.  He then had to kill both dogs with his bare hands, which he did in a matter of seconds without getting bit.

In the final lesson DOK showed how to adjust the power and placement of Hikuta blows from just stunning a person all the way to the point of delivering a kill blow-if needed.

Lee was asked what an unpulled blow would do to a criminal. He said that almost any Hikuta blow will stun and incapacitate in some way. They will either lose consciousness or stagger around deliriously and start vomiting. Full force Hikuta blows crush skulls, smash chests, and "literally knock the bones out of bodies." He repeated that you can alter the force and placement to adjust the intended damage. In the case where your life is threatened you may have to use full force, deadly placement blows.

There was not a doubter in the room when DOK Lee left.  Everyone was saying, if he wanted too, DOK could have killed everyone in the room in a matter of seconds even though many were police and self-defense experts.   Even if he had told everyone in advance that he was going to do that he still could not have been stopped.

People who have received Hikuta instruction say that there are 2 surprise benefits. One is confidence and peace of mind.  People report that after learning Hikuta they no longer walk in fear of bullies and criminals.

Surprise benefit number two is knowing Hikuta will actually lower your chances of being attacked by a bully or criminal.  This is because, like a dog senses when someone is confident and unafraid, criminals and bullies can sense this also and have reason to beware.

People who have learned Hikuta say they see the effects on potential bullies who start aggressive moves like hostile eye contact but then back off.

What is the origin of Hikuta?

DOK Lee said that the basis for Hikuta is the ancient art of Kuta. Kuta was initially developed by the body guards of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt as the most effective and efficient way to defend their king.

After the fall of the old kingdom, Kuta was passed on very secretively to secret fighting societies and the body guards of a number of rulers in the ancient world.  Kuta has remained top secret amongst these fighting groups for thousands of years.

In the early 1900s, a very elite group of professional soldiers was exclusively provided with the secret art of Kuta and further advanced the art into what is now called Hikuta. This particular group of elite commando soldiers became the most superior soldiers in the history of mankind.

Impossible missions became their specialty!

One mission they were deliberately captured by enemy soldiers and taken in to their camp. Then using Hikuta they destroyed the camp and killed all the enemy soldiers.

Impossible missions such as this were only possible with Hikuta.

This group of professional soldiers was disbanded in the 1950s.

As DOK Lee says, Hikuta is much more powerful than any martial art, judo, karate, or any other method.  He said that a karate champion or heavyweight boxer have little chance against a man or woman trained in Hikuta in a real life fight.  According to DOK Lee, Hikuta trained operators in the paramilitary unit routinely easily killed fighters thus trained in such methods.

Hikuta can also be more effective for self-defense than even a gun or knife.

Unlike martial arts or boxing, you can be combat effective in Hikuta in one day.  Actually, you can learn the most powerful parts in 20 minutes.  A few weeks to a few months training in Hikuta burns it into you for life!  Almost anyone can learn Hikuta effectively regardless of age, sex, size, or athletic ability.

You are likely cynical at this point as I was when I first heard about Hikuta.  But I have witnessed it.  I can testify to you that everything is true and unexaggerated.  In fact, if anything it is understated.

One skilled in Hikuta could literally defeat a motorcycle gang in less than 5 seconds. They could also instantly devastate a criminal armed with a knife or gun.

With even a small amount of Hikuta training under your belt you will be able to deliver an incapacitating blow that is so fast that it will be impossible for a criminal to react to it. You can deliver these blows from any position such as lying down, sitting, leaning on a wall or even with your hands up in the air!

Hikuta hand and foot blows are delivered at super speed which is unblockable, with super force and can be fired from any position.

In fact, if a criminal tells you to put your hands in the air you will say "thank you" to yourself!

A criminal trying to choke or rape a woman actually makes himself an easy target for one of the most devastating of Hikuta blows.

In short Hikuta can be described as the ultimate self protection method.

Support for the "Egyptian connection”: The vast majority of detractors of Hikuta concentrate on attempting to discredit the ancient Egyptian theory of the origins of Kuta. Wishing to continue the "status quo" in the martial arts community, for whatever reason (perhaps they teach or are connected in some way to a competing system that feels threatened by the existence of Hikuta); they see this as Hikuta's weakest point.  To a degree they may be right - challenging the effectiveness and efficiency of Hikuta with their own would certainly be a fool’s game!  No system known can produce effective fighters in a shorter period of time or overall effective warriors over time!

One thing I make crystal clear in my courses is this: History is NOT an exact science!   Never was and never will be.  It is a field of study - where little can actually be proved or disproved.

The Egyptian Theory is thus: DOK LEE said Kuta came from ancient Egypt.  My instructor is in contact with several Egyptologists who gave him the additional info on the possible Egyptian origins of Kuta.  Research is still ongoing.  Amazingly, we find rank amateurs in the field of history insisting that they are more accurate in their assessment of Egyptology as it relates to Hikuta than PhD’s in the field!

Recent happenings: Some Egyptian hieroglyphics discovered show Egyptian boxers portraying what appear to be Kuta techniques (the Kuta Hand, C-strikes, and offhand crossing) unique to the Hikuta system.  You find these now posted on this web site.

In a recent program on the Spartans, on the History channel, it was revealed that ancient Egypt was one of the training sources used for developing their awesome combat methods.

The "Sacred Band" of the ancient Greek city of Thebes were the elite body guards of high officials- expanded to form shock troops to combat the fearsome Spartan war machine- perhaps the only way to beat Kuta trained fighters is with Kuta trained fighters!

The Commando theory: another theory of Hikuta's origins is that it was totally developed by the commando group based in England.  They then fabricated Egyptian origins to make what their company offered seem more exotic and hopefully bring in more business.

Proponents of this theory say that they combined bare-knucks knock out boxing, old style street Savate, combat jujitsu, existing military hand to hand, and street fighting into an unbeatable system.  As evidence they point to similarities to many Hikuta techniques to these time proven systems.

One of my blackheart warrior students recently gave me info concerning a very old bare-knucks boxing book which showed some techniques similar to some Hikuta techniques. So far this is some of the best support I've seen for this theory.

When and if I get more info to support or disprove this theory I'll post it.

The DOK Lee theory: basically says DOK Lee invented the whole system himself.

In my opinion this is the least likely to be true.  Taking nothing away from DOK Lee, if this theory were true, it would make him as perhaps the greatest combat genius of all time!  Far superior to any individual who ever developed a system on his own!  My thinking is that no one- not even DOK LEE- is that good!  Hikuta HAD to be the brain child of a group of extremely talented combat science geniuses- NOT one man!

Bottom line: My attraction to Hikuta is in its extreme EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY!  No other system I have trained in or looked at comes anywhere close! Historical theories are secondary to me - FAR SO! 


Here's the testimonial from Perry who trained with Al, Warren, and me this past summer ( 01):

The training was GREAT!  Hikuta is a no-nonsense way to protect yourself & your family.  If your profession puts you in harms way; then this is the key to your piece of mind. The power in Hikuta is real and is delivered with blinding speed.

It comes at you so fast you simply can't get out of the way and with so much power you won't believe it.  Be prepared to know what real No "BS" self-defense is all about.

Everyone at the training was eager to learn and helpful.  I learned a lot from not only Al Abidin but, Jack & Warren as well.  I'll be attending more & more!


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