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Professional Background:

Employed since 1984 (and still employed)  in the field of tactical ops/spec ops specializing in counter-terrorism. Training includes: pistol craft, tactical rifle, CQB (close quarter battle), SRT1 (basic), SRT2 (advanced), SRT3 (master level), sniper operations (honor graduate-in a class consisting of over 30 Navy SEALS, Air Force Para Rescue, and metro and county SWAT operators), chemical/biological operations, Rappel Master for tactical rappelling, Emergency Medical Technician, pressure point control tactics, intermediate use of forceps 24, as well as much more.

Combat Martial Arts:

Since my teenage years I've had a keen interest in self-defense training. Initially it was more of a hobby, but later as a supplement and compliment to my professional duties.

In no particular order I've trained extensively in: Tai-jitsu (Ninjitsu), Karate, Jujitsu (Japanese), Kung Fu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Catch Wrestling, boxing and military/police hand to hand and CQB (close quarter battle) tactics.


Receiving the promotional letter for DOK Lee's highlights of Hikuta course almost a decade ago my initial thought was that it was rather humorous.  Even then considered by my unit as not only a top operator but an excellent hand to hand fighter, I believed the claims put forth as being "out there"! Curiosity getting the best of me, I went ahead and ordered the training package.

What a shock!  Many of the problems I experienced with both conventional and nom-conventional programs were solved in this ingenious Hikuta scientific combat system. Some systems were powerful- but WAY too slow.  Others were fast- but weak techniques could derail a practitioner.  Hikuta was the fastest and most powerful system I'd ever seen!  And I'd seen many!  Most conventional techniques are high maintenance and without consistent practice will fail when most needed.  Stress is another killer- you must have deep down confidence in your abilities when the heat is on.  Hikuta solves all of these problems in a very complete manner!  Hikuta becomes a part of you quickly -once learned you never forget it.  In short, Hikuta is the ability you develop-NOT just another series of largely unrelated techniques. Testimonials are piling up that Hikuta actually works even BETTER in real life and death situations than in training.  Not surprising for perhaps the most effective combat system of all time!

Working from Hikuta PRINCIPLES, in a fraction of the time it would take to learn a "martial art" I could perform these self-protection techniques faster and more powerfully than I'd ever dared to dream!  I wanted more but failed in attempts to locate DOK Lee. Contenting myself temporarily to primarily train in systems (although good) less productive-but one day I knew that my quest for more Hikuta training would be successful. I developed techniques based upon Hikuta principles, including a much improved quick draw.  Constantly I found myself going back to the Hikuta package- its simple effectiveness had become additive.

Then one night doing some net surfing I stumbled upon Al Abidin's site-could it be that I'd finally found what I'd been looking for?  Contacting him it was discovered that he was indeed legit.  Unlike me, his quest for continued Hikuta training had been successful. DOK Lee had taught him everything!

I set up personal training under Al and then received some of the most productive training of my life. He also trained me in EVERYTHING that DOK Lee had taught and eventually awarded me Master Instructor of Hikuta credentials.

Now I offer to train YOU in the same timeless Hikuta principles! Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!

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