Principles of Hikuta

Hikuta: Kinetic energy into your target at extreme speed!
WHY HIKUTA WORKS - Science over mysticism! A combatives system for the ages!

Man overcomes multiple adversaries with Hikuta- TWICE!
From M.A.P. :
     Hikuta is by far the most devastating of the arts out there on the free market. It is purely instinctive therefore one can learn the physical parts of it in 20 minutes.  I've taken out 2 groups of ... men in less than 5 seconds per group with the utilization of Hikuta. One good solid hit with the Hikuta hand and your opponent will not get back off the ground.  I was totally surprised and shocked at this in my first fight.  The thing is that Hikuta is so deadly you CAN NOT use it to spar with. This is not a sport fighting thing we are using.  It is pure deadly combat.  DOK LEE was a wonderful man for teaching the world this secret ancient art that would have gone on missing for centuries more if he had not spoken out and sold that video back in 1993.  KUTA is the name for the art taught to the warriors school who protected the pharaohs.  Kuta basically means school of the fighting fist or way of the fist.  All martial arts (yes, even the orient) can be traced back to ancient Egypt.  One can see how the the lingual has followed over the millenniums as Kuta has migrated to kwan do.  But the roots of Kuta were past down thru the years and were advanced upon and became Hikuta.  This art which DOK Lee demonstrates purely shows what one can do if the time and place came right and you just react and defend yourself or a loved one.  It's at this point you will find that knowledge does replace fear.

It is said that Kuta was actually a science in and unto itself in the ancient world.

Hikuta is based upon scientific principles including physics, biomechanics, physiological reactions, psychological reactions, as well as others.

With Hikuta, maximum kinetic energy is generated into your target.  With Hikuta strikes, a destabilizing kinetic shock wave travels into the target with devastating effects!   Your body is positioned naturally in such a way as to maximize biomechanics of speed and power while avoiding injury to yourself in the process.  Natural, fluid body movement is one of the keys to Hikuta- your movement patterns will be those you are already familiar with!

Physiological and psychological reactions are taken maximum advantage of.  You've probably already experienced a Hikuta reaction before.  Ever touch a hot object?  Ever almost step on a snake?  How fast and powerfully did you move?  Ever been in a life or death situation?  How did your mind and body react?  With Hikuta you learn to redirect such reactions for self protection purposes.  With Hikuta your natural reactions in a stressful situation will be retrained to transform you into a temporary SUPERMAN!

Hikuta's forte is the development of extreme SPEED and POWER!

Speed and Power - the two most critical components to survival in a hostile encounter!

If you've ever been in a fight, or even seen one, you know this to be true: it doesn't matter what skills (be it karate, judo, police/military hand to hand etc) one brings to a hand to hand confrontation, the winner is usually the one with the greater concentration of speed and power.

This is why: in a fight the bigger guy usually wins (more power), boxers/wrestlers overcame most traditional martial artists in the early UFC competitions (more power and usually speed), Muay Thai fighters are rarely beaten in street encounters (extreme emphasis of power in training), and street fighters win often (aggressive use of speed and power techniques).

This doesn't discount the importance of other attributes: timing, distancing, toughness etc - these play a role but are of little value if not built upon the foundation of extreme speed and power.

Hikuta develops these critical abilities better than anything else- AND in the shortest possible time QUICKLY and EASILY!  You may be only a few simple lessons away from having legendary speed and power!

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