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Dear Friend,

I, The MIGHTY Gonzales - World Record Holder in over a half dozen Strength and Endurance Feats - am now for the very first time revealing my UNIQUE and SUPER EFFECTIVE Training Methods for Xtreme strength and power fitness. These are my closely guarded SECRETS that shockingly take very little time and do not need the use of a gym or any expensive specialized equipment!

MY Training secrets are UNIQUE to the max!  It is only by training DIFFERENTLY - more effectively - that I have been able to surpass ALL OTHERS in feats of strength and fitness.

I am not just talking about besting the current crop of strength and fitness athletes - who are VERY good - but EVERY athlete that has ever lived in ALL of history!

There are no courses available ANYWHERE that offer anything close to my training secrets! There are NONE that work as effectively or as fast!

I CHALLENGE, I DEFY any course on the market to offer anything as good as these awesome secrets of strength, fitness, and body development as we do (myself and my friend and training partner Jack Savage).


These are simply NOT needed to train in my systems of Xtreme Strength, Power Bodybuilding, and Power Fitness!

However, feel free to use such things if you like, but know this : it is the PRINCIPLES that I will teach you that are all-important and these can be used BETTER without the fancy “tools” many depend upon.

 I WILL SHOW YOU HOW to build that dream body you desire - with or without apparatus (your choice) - by using the advanced principles that I have developed and ONLY I know about!

THIS I absolutely PROMISE!

These BEYOND cutting edge courses of Power Bodybuilding are designed by me - the MIGHTY GONZALES - World Renowned Strength, Power, Endurance and Fitness Expert AND MULTIPLE World Record Holder who has been featured in Ripley's Believe it or Not and on national television where I have actually broken records on LIVE TV !

ABOVE: The Mighty Gonzales Pulls a Trolley with his teeth.

I offer the following as PROOF POSITIVE of the EFFECTIVENESS of my Training in Power Fitness:

I currently hold the following WORLD RECORDS :

  • Free hand deep knee bends - 4,369 in one hour.
  • Beer Keg Lifting ( keg= 135 lbs ) 1000 overhead reps from the ground in 3 hours - blowing away the old record of 972 reps in 6 hours.
  • Most weight lifted in 12 hours - I, the Mighty Gonzales, did an astonishing 2 MILLION pounds!
  • Hanging Back Hyper Extensions - 1000 in one hour. Most TRAINED men in great shape are good to get 30!
  • Hanging Leg Lifts - 1000 in one hour.
  • Groin Break - 3 cinder blocks at once (this was done live on national television.)

Special Note : I'm NOT a "basement record breaker".  The Mighty Gonzales' records were done in front of LIVE audiences often with cameras rolling!

THAT is the way I prefer to demonstrate my Xtreme Strength!

I am now currently training to break the World Push Up Record in my journey to break the most records in history! I want to have the RECORD for breaking the MOST records in all of history!

In addition I have performed ASTOUNDING Feats of Strength, Power and Endurance such as pulling a 40,000lbs semi truck and trailer 15 feet, rip thick telephone books in half - the HARD way, by the spine side-, bend 5/8 inch thick steel bars (thicker than the 1/2 inch ones done by lesser strongmen), I do handstand pushups ON MY FINGERTIPS, rip coconuts in half, pulled a heavy trolley train WITH MY TEETH, have people jump off tables on to my midsection, and pound nails into wood with my hands!

My quest to be the fittest, strongest,and most powerful man to ever walk the planet has given me a DEEP understanding on just what it takes to build a physique FAR ABOVE the AVERAGE!

For the FIRST TIME and for a LIMITED TIME I, the Mighty Gonzales, have agreed to share my training knowledge of Xtreme Strength, Power Bodybuilding, and Power Fitness to a chosen few.  I am CONFIDENT that these lucky ones will take their place as a SUPER-Man of the new millennia! And get this - my training most likely takes LESS time than the program you are currently doing and FAR less time than programs of other "fitness experts". Some of these other programs may actually be pretty good in some ways, but they pale in comparison to what can be achieved by training with World Record Holder the Mighty Gonzales!

Click on the links below to my courses and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY! Order these courses and I PROMISE you will grow and develop far better than you ever have before and beyond what you ever thought possible!

Come on Man! Don’t delay even a second! I stand here waiting - ready and willing to make YOU a SuperMan of the new Millennia!

All the Best,

Dave Gonzales
“The Mighty Gonzales”

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