Jack Savage's Hand to Fang Warfare:
Defense from Animal Attack


Hi Friend!

This friend of mine, who was supposed to be a really tough guy, trained in a lot of martial arts, heck even didn't hesitate to spar with fighters like Rickson Gracie.  He was in fantastic shape, even winning a strongman competition once. My friend was in a tough SWAT type paramilitary unit where every day was an exercise in SURVIVAL!  And this friend - OK Ok, I know you probably figured it out by now!  This person I'm referring to is not a friend at all, it is me.


With all my strength, power, and with all that training under my belt, not only was I afraid of vicious attack dogs, but even a friend's "ankle biter" could cause my knees to start knocking together in terror.

How could this be?

My fears go back to my childhood days when I was attacked and injured several times by some of the vicious dogs which ran free in the neighborhood.  The bad thing is, after my first attack, the evil mutts could sense my fear and they would go after me again just for the pure fun of it!  I had become a stereotypical "victim".


Whatever the reason, I needed a solution.  As an adult I became a member of a prestigious paramilitary unit who's daily activities might include slugging it out with mentally deranged or perhaps highly trained individuals armed to the teeth and fully willing to give up their life for a cause.  Guess what?  Despite all this I WAS STILL SCARED OF DOGS!  A travesty if there ever was one!  I might as well be scared of the dark, or scared of the woods.


The first information pack I saw on Hikuta mentioned that as part of DOK Lee's Hikuta training he was thrown naked into a pit of vicious attack dogs and expected to to kill them all without so much as a scratch!!

Unfortunately, the Hikuta training packet I would soon receive DID NOT contain any of that!  Bummer!

Maybe it would be taught in future training courses.


It wasn't until years later when I finally was able to do the FULL Hikuta training that I was able to finally overcome my fear of dogs. Once again Hikuta makes the impossible possible!

Hikuta anti-vicious animal training went FAR BEYOND what I ever expected.  Not only is anti-vicious dog training covered in detail, but also attack defenses from big cats and even bears!  For almost any animal you can imagine that might harm you - there is a Hikuta solution!

Since this was obviously a subject of intense interest to me, I decided to build on that knowledge and did exhaustive research in the field of animal attacks from all sources available.  I left no stone unturned.

For over a FULL YEAR I searched the world for non-Hikuta solutions to vicious animal attacks.

Special ops military units, wartime hand to hand fighting methods, Eskimos techniques to control vicious sled dogs, a host of combat and martial arts materials, American Indian defenses against bear and mountain lion, Roman gladiators methods of killing every type of beast imaginable on the unforgiving sands of the arena, African tribesmen ways to combat lions, and MUCH MORE!!  I then combined THE VERY BEST of that with what I had learned from these sources with Hikuta to form the first true SUPER SYSTEM of defense from vicious animal attacks!

Think about it. If you're confident you have a fighting chance against a leopard, your heart rate won't even raise a beat when confronted with the neighborhood mutt intent on taking a hunk out of your leg!

Vicious dogs are easy!!  Never again fear them when you take your training to a dramatically higher level!

Fear no critter on earth as you master history's only MASTER COURSE in the science of defense against killer animals!!

You will easily master the following:

  • If you have no self defense skills: You will learn how to fire fast and powerful kicks and strikes from one of the foremost self defense instructors in the world!
  • Special note: These fast and powerful techniques and principles you will easily master will work equally well against two legged animals also!
  • Hikuta fighters: Learn to use your Hikuta skills specifically against dangerous animals.
  • Non- Hikuta fighters: This course is for you also!

The guidelines, strategies, and even techniques can easily be adapted to any fighting system!  Let Jack Savage show you how:

  • Learn why attack dogs are extremely venerable and how to exploit this.
  • The best places to hit a dog to bring him down for good!
  • Master the secrets to "brag an bluff", an ingenious technique which will end most animal encounters before they begin!!
  • What NOT to do against a big cat- unless you want to be gutted instantly!
  • How a Hikuta fighter instantly killed an attack Doberman, without so much as a scratch, WITH ONE KILLING BLOW!!
  • Fight effectively with: special weapons-even the most modern weapons will do you no good without this valuable knowledge!!
  • Improvised weapons: weapons are everywhere IF you have the eyes to se them! How to find them quickly and use them effectively.
  • Gladiator secrets for besting titanic beasts!
  • Bare handed: you'll easily defeat dogs-no matter how big and vicious- and big cats up to the size of a mountain lion with the knowledge you will gain from this course. Amazingly, you'll even have a fighting chance against a lion, tiger, or bear!! Hand to fang warfare- and how to win it!!
  • On the ground: going to the ground with you will be even a bigger mistake than fighting you standing up! Incredible Jujitsu and ninjitsu strategies insure your success!!
  • Body strangle: unbelievable method to squeeze the life out of a critter without ever having to come close to his dangerous teeth!
  • Martial arts techniques that will get you KILLED against a quick reacting animal! Which ones to avoid like the plague!! An ancient Gladiator would have laughed himself to death if he had ever even heard of techniques this stupid! Yet many traditional martial arts instructors will insist you should do these. How to avoid "training to die" !!

Friend, not only may you need to protect yourself from vicious animals, but what about your loved ones?  What if they need you in a time of crisis?

Not long ago I was out for a walk with my beloved son, when from out of nowhere 3 vicious dogs encircled us bent on mischief.  Terrified, he literally crawled up my back and onto my shoulders.

The strange thing is, if this incident had occurred before I had undergone my special training I'd been more terrified than him!!  Not this day!  Empowered by the skills developed thru my research and training I went on the offensive - sending our tormentors scurrying away with their tails between their legs!  This was done with the burden of a kid clinging for dear life to my neck!

You don't know when you'll be attacked.  But odds are you will be.  As a matter of fact - you are MUCH more likely to face an animal attacker than a human in your lifetime! Yet many people spend much time training what they in all likelihood will NEVER face - setting themselves up for disaster when faced with an attack which will surely come!

RUSH your order to me as soon as possible!!   Just VIEWING the tape may save your life or the life of a loved one!  This course is THAT easy to learn!  A little of my training will almost certainly ensure success against any animal you are likely to encounter!!  Don't delay!!  Do it today!!

Jack Savage's Hand to Fang Warfare

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